The heart and character, the Luino-Maccagno grabs the salvation by Cannucciari at the 90th

Published on May 14, 2017

Closes in the best of ways, the season of the Luino-Maccagno what a salvation to say the least, painful in front of their crowd. The game started badly for He and his companions, with the advantage that the guest signed by Calegari to the 12th, which has responded to its 89th annual Cannucciari, creating the equaliser. The final fight, four expelled, and a missed penalty from the Valley with the Luino at a disadvantage. The big controversy at the end of the race of the players and the leadership of the Gerenzanese, that regrets about the decisions of the triad led by the whistle Carsenzuola. The draw condemnation guys Valtolina to relegation. The heart and character, the Luino-Maccagno grabs the salvation by Cannucciari at the 90th. The public of the great occasions that in mind, today at the Park Margorabbia of Luino. De Berardinis host the usual 4-4-2 with Morandi to support a Raiser in front. Valtolina is responding with the same set of the last week, with the exception of Pine trees, which starts from the beginning, to the detriment of Badj Edges. The start of the race contract for both teams, with the Luino-Maccagno aware of to have two results on three-under in the best position in the championship ranking. The game is balanced and a few occasions in the opening minutes, only Cannucciari tries a shot from distance, on the launch of the Raiser, but the ball ends high. The Gerenzanese salt on the flanks, with the Roman coming back, but still bruised, trying to contain Giammella. A few balls, scored from one side to the other, even if the Luino, with the absence of Ancelliero fatigue to be dangerous. On the twelfth of the first turn of the match: a corner of the guests clap, and a stunning ball into the area with the defence luino area that fails to sweep, and it is easy Calegari hit the head and slip a Civitillo innocent. The defeat for the rossoblu would mean mathematical relegation into the Second Category. The Luino there is, but the Gerenzanese defended with order and leave a few spaces, also thanks to too many long balls played by Lucchini and his companions. The 15th is still Cannucciari to let a missile from outside the area after a throw of the Roman, but it is inaccurate. The Gerenzanese physically is a higher level and the Luino has difficulties in building the game. Yellow for Bajee, that around the 20th enters badly on Diana, on the ground in pain. Free kick to Luino, but the host defense free well. Diana didn't, and in his place comes the young Carroll. The boys try and win Cavaleri, but they are accurate under the door. Great output Civitillo on his own three-quarters anticipate Giammella kicking the ball out after an error in the rear luino area. The 35th lovely texture between Lucchini, Morandi and Cannucciari, cross in the middle, but Calegari away in the garage. Luino is growing, but the Gerenzanese when he restarts it seems to hurt. After two minutes of recovery, the teams go to rest with your guests, thanks to the 1-0 lead, to the fortyfifth they are safe. To report an occasion happened on the feet of Pine trees which, after having dribbled Roman pulls to the side of Civitillo. The second time. To return to the field no substitution in the two ensembles. Luino, however, already in the first minutes seems determined to look for the draw that would guarantee salvation. Still Cannucciari, on a cross of Roman and fires high over the crossbar in the 46th. Luino press and is a deep Valley with a drop-down on the right to load the team, getting a corner with tenacity. The 52nd another blow to De Berardinis, who must do without Vigezzi, forced to leave the field due to injury. To go in Cervaro, absent from the playing field to a few months. The Luino-Maccagno seems to hurt on the flanks, with the advanced Roman and Cannucciari on the other. The great work of sacrifice, even that of Bosetti and Raiser, assisted by Morandi, released to leave room for Follis '56', Carroll and Lucchini. No one pulls back and the game is high pace, without stopping, and with continuous overturning of the front. The Gerenzanese lose the concreteness of the first time. Intense Match with lots of physical fights in mid-field and many fouls whistled by the referee. He and his companions are able to catch from nervousness, get it wrong, especially the last step that does not allow the hosts to become dangerous by the parties of Cavaleri. The 67th Luino has the opportunity to find the draw. Lucchini launches Bosetti, that falls in the area. For the referee there are doubts, is penalty. From the stands and on the bench of the Gerenzanese bursts of rage, for a penalty doubtful. The ball goes deep Valley. The 4 luino area, shoots high and the situation does not change. The Luino continues to press to search for the equaliser, without ever pulling into port. Another shot of the scene at 74esimo, after a clash decomposed between Bajee and Bosetti, with the midfielder guest who is expelled and is forced to abandon the field, leaving her in 10 against 11. The public supports the Luino, continue to press and went close to a draw with an occasion happened on the feet of Lucchini that is not quick to send over the network. Cavaleri, in fact, blocks the shot of captain luino area. The hosts crushed the boys of Valtolina and at its 89th annual arrives the much sought-after goal of breakeven: the Roman crosses towards the middle, Cannucciari, left alone by the defense of the Gerenzanese, tow well, and let off a shot that slips under the legs of the keeper and ended up in the net. There's a party in the stands, with the only recovery to play. The overturning of the face, punishment for the Gerenzanese. The ball is covered for the referral from the fund by Follis, and blows up the fight. Cavaleri there is a hard-nosed protest against the opponents. Scrum, pushing and shoving and big words, who see three players leave the field: Cavaleri, Pine and Cannucciari, in fact, are expelled. After six minutes of injury time the final whistle and while there's a feast for the salvation conquered in the locker room of the Luino-Maccagno, explodes the anger management guest, captain Palumbo and his companions, with large protests against the referee and the two linesmen. If mister Valtolina does not want to release statements, including nervousness and regret, is the sports director Raffaele Lorizzo, to his last match, a comment hard the race and the relegation of his team: “Needless to comment on the game because you have views and you can comment by yourself, I only want to talk about the referee. He granted a penalty to non-existent, and has come to tell us things that are not in heaven, nor in earth. The three expulsions from the you views. We left in ten dramatically, in spite of the foul was on Badij. Even though we stayed in the ten to thirty minutes we were succeeding in the business, but it is out of the ordinary to have a triad of this level in a playout so important, that is worth a whole season. The field says that the match was to end in another way. The Luino in four matches that we have played has only created an opportunity to score, the equaliser at the 90th”. Completely different mood, instead, the mister luino area Andrea De Berardinis: “today's game reflects the entire season, a season troubled and difficult, in which beyond those that could already be our limits, we have often complicated the life alone. We paid certainly the inexperience, the excessive nervousness, the superior quality of the opposing teams. I am proud of my guys for the great values they have, because in times of difficulties, never gave up the fight, continued to fight with determination and focus, having to deal with four serious injuries. Behold, notwithstanding all this, we went ahead on our way, aware that we could do it. The salvation of today is the most big prize and well-deserved that the team could receive, above all for the fulfilment of an extraordinary task beyond any prediction at a certain point of the championship. Honor and glory to the boys”. Luino Maccagno: Civitillo, Arioli, Roman, Vallone, Vigezzi (52' Cervaro), Lucchini, Cannucciari, Bosetti, Raiser, Diana (31' Carroll), Morandi (56' Follis'). Available: De Giorgi, Iozzino, Old. All.: De Bernardis. Gerenzanese: Cavaleri, Tanzi, Restelli, Gattuso, Calegari, Francs, Bajee, Palumbo (76' Kuhn), Costanzo (54' Zumbé), Pines, Giammella (56' Lavizzari). Available: De Candia, Airaghi, Short, Cattaneo. All.: Valtolina.

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