The guy invisible – the Second generation: report of the conference of Lucca Comics & Games 2017


Published on Nov 12, 2017


An experiment in cross-media all-round, which requires the use of three languages, published at the same time: cinema, comics and prose. Already in the recent past we have had demonstrations similar with Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot and Monolith, but now Sandwiches, Salani and Fandango are in the three for the production of the sequel de The boy invisible.

The direction of The boy, the invisible, the Second generation will always be by Gabriele Salvatores, with Diego Malara, editor of the project, Diego “Diegozilla” Cajelli, writer of the comic and Alessandro Fabbri, author of the novel, presented around the film project and other parallel.

We go back on the story of Michael (Ludovico Girardello), a boy with special powers, now at the age of seventeen: the will company sister Natasha (Galathea Bellugi), by the character “flammable” and introspective, like many teenagers. In the balance between a biological mother and an adoptive at the centre of the plot remains a fundamental question: “who am I?”
The new episode of the “saga” de The boy invisible, begins to have a tone more mature, more dark than the first episode. The issues typical of adolescence, as the knowledge of the I make their way in the soul of a superhero that is not less small than before.

In this film, Salvatores wanted to give big space to the CGI, creating and recreating scenarios which would be expensive if made in the manner of analog. Thanks to the company's Frame-by-Frame and to the expert of CGI, Victor Perez, have been carried out over 650 digital interventions throughout the film. From simple scenarios to the entire helicopter, passing through the arms extendable, and so on. During the conference, was shown a clip where we showed the “work in progress” of the scenes, starting from the recovery, passing to the project, and then get to the final result.

With the intervention of Diego Cajelli, we enter more in detail of what we will have to wait for the second part of the comic series, which will be published by Panini Comics. The story will be told from three different points of view:

It closes in beauty: a horse with the production of the second film, the manufacturer, Indigo has carried out a survey in schools asking children and young people what is their biggest fear. With great surprise, their terror more strong, is to learn not to be a child of your parents (followed by the fear of terrorism). Then, at the end of the meeting, is projected a clip that aims, to appeal, to find within herself the strength to face their fears and to not be afraid of the world:



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