The guide to gifts for a fan of Alien! The best gadgets and memorabilia of the xenomorph


Published on Apr 20, 2017


The guide to gifts for a fan of the Alien once and for all!

Still missing a month at the exit of Alien: Covenant, and to be better prepared for the new battle with the creature the more deadly of the galaxy, what better way than to fill our equipment from collectors with gadgets and memorabilia related to the saga of the Xenomorph?

Here, then, is the gift guide for a fan of Alien, because “in the web no one can hear you spend”.

Let's start from where it all started, with the movie franchise that has its roots in the film Alien of 1979.

Box sets Blu-Ray the best on the market (in Italian) are two: the Limited Edition 35 year Anniversary, containing the saga from Alien to Alien 4 – The Cloning, the most in the comics (Titan Books, and the H. R. Giger Edition exclusive to Amazon, containing everything present in the previous edition, plus a set of postcards, of the (beautiful) mini-poster, and 60 hours of exclusive extras.

Here they are:

In the absence of availability of these two versions, will arrive in a short time the Premium Edition (a shorter version of the H. R. Giger Edition). In the past, were also published editions that are particularly valued by collectors, but these are the ones that you are able to find more easily on the market.

Recently saldaPress brought to Italy from the comic book continuity of the Alien (i.e. those that are part of the “official” history of the saga of the xenomorph), published originally by Dark Horse Comics (on our pages you can also find the reviews of all the volumes). It is a great way to discover the history of the Alien between the various films and also to discover the backstory of the saga's prequel, which began with Prometheus.

Here's what to retrieve:

Below are some of the beautiful plates and covers:

This time we talk about a book, but a book is very special...

As guessed from the title (in English), Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report, it is in fact a book written as if it were an official report of the Weylan-Yutani (the fictitious megacorporazione tied with the universe of Alien), in which are listed all the vehicles, the weapons, the sheets of the characters and all the encounters will be documented with the terrifying creature. In practice there are 162 pages constitute a true Bible of the Alien.

Here's a preview:

Less striking but equally valid (and perhaps more comprehensive), however, is the illustrated guide entitled Alien: The Archive: The Ultimate Guide to the Classic Movies (we are talking about well 316 pages in total). Anyway, an excellent gift for a fan of Alien.

We made the action figures linked to the saga and, in this field, NECA is the master. There is everything and for all tastes (and sizes), from “simple” Colonial Marines through the vehicles of Aliens – Final Clash, at almost all stages of the evolution of the Xenomorph (there are even eggs!).

Here is a selection of images to make you drool a bit:

Those who are not afraid to spend “some” euro more, it can linger on the action figures of the Alien of the Hot Toys on a whole other planet... even as the cost!

Ok, I know. Has appeared already in some of our other buying guide, but the Facehugger plush is always doing his dirty figure. An embrace is not denied to anyone, no? For fans of Alien, more “tender”.

You will not want to introduce you to the premiere of aliens: the Covenant-wear “civil” right? Better to stand out from the crowd with the outfit suitable.

Here are a few t-shirts that you can find easily on amazon:

We conclude the circle by returning to the origins of Alien, with a book dedicated to the works of art on the Xenomorph created from the master H. R. Giger. It is a book of illustrations, spectacular, dark and gloomy.. huge!!!

72 total pages with illustrations by the best born from the collaboration between Giger, Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox. For true collectors (and available only on the secondary market now):

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