The green line, shock live: the artist screams suddenly, the video becomes viral

Published on Sep 27, 2018

Daniela Ferolla, who leads the broadcast with Frederick Forty, spent a bad quarter of an hour: this is what happened

In general, the Green Line does not this type of news, yet the program with Daniela Ferolla is doing talking so much to a sort of faux pas.

Daniela Ferolla, one of the conductors of the Green Line, visited in the castle of Piovera in the Alexandrian received from the earl of Niccolò Calvi di Bergolo. The scream in direttal to the program of Rai 1 dedicated to the world of agriculture, which immediately became viral on social networks in a matter of a few hours.

Daniela Ferolla, who is at the helm of the program with Frederick Forty, went in the castle of Piovera in Alexandria by count Niccolò Calvi di Bergolo, which with noble style and has shown the most curious.

The count showed, in his art workshop, some of his works on display inside the old barn of the castle and to the stables of the middle ages. At the center of his work the creativity of the individual, takes a white sheet of paper and a black ink:

“Then you have to choose in this album what is the design you want and then you must begin almost to scream.”

The Ferolla is without words and has the right firmness to mention an embarrassed smile, Calvi stops yelling and says:

“I have freed: the scream disappears, the drawing remains. It is important to leave this message.”

The moment was captured on Instagram by Chef Rubio and, of course, and immediately became viral.

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