The Green Lantern of Morrison: pictures, details and plans for a “second season”


Published on Sep 06, 2018


The legendary Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp have granted a long and interesting interview with DC Nation, the magazine that monthly features the latest news in DC, on their next assignment which is the relaunch of The Green Lantern, the new header that will return Hal Jordan to the center of the scene with an approach that is “back-to-basic” as has been reiterated many times.

“It does not belong to the Earth, you know? Aspires to the space and always be Green Lantern. Hal is a good cop, but he is a good person? we will explore his relationships, and the fact that it is difficult to keep them on the Ground when you're a space cop. It also has other lives on other planets... we will adopt a different point of view on the things that we've never seen Hal.”

A very funny behind-the scenes in which, during a dinner with the publisher of DC, Dan DiDio, Morrison continued to refuse the assignment. But most went on to the indeed, as discussed below in more Morrison gathered ideas from the inspiration of Assault on District 13, John Carpenter, passing through the legendary run of Neal Adams and Dennis O'neil teamed with Green Arrow, and the chance to explore those same themes today. However, Morrison has definitely convinced when DiDio has proposed as a partner to the drawing board, Liam Sharp.

Interesting are the words of Morrison on the comparison between Hal and Kyle Rayner, the Lantern that the author wrote during his legendary run on JLA.

Kyle was my Lantern [...] I was the beginner. He was the boy to whom they gave a low and had asked to play in The Beatles. I will always be a connection with him. [...] But as a kid I used to read a Hal [...] I think that there is a certain aftertaste of the 70s film in Hal... the fact that you do not know how to keep a job, a woman, who has only a sleeping bag and a ring. Me and Liam we are trying to merge this background with the crazy space opera that was featured in the last 15 years, it will be because Gil Kane based her features on those of Paul Newman.

Liam Sharp has added:

“It's a lonely, a person adrift, a reactionary. It is nice to be able to return to its roots. A little out from the world and from time, is known to be a little creative with his constructs... we will also explore how his quick wit translates often into fists, giants, and similar things of common use.”


Regarding the tone of the series Morrison:

“We are digging deeply into the mythology [...] in 1956 it was created, this science fiction universe full of alien races, we are trying to retrieve them all and combine new things with old things [...] will there be vampires in the spatial as Sunbreaker or Devourers of your own.

And Sharp:

“We're having a lot of fun.”

On future projects finally, Morrison:

“I already have a ‘second season’ is already scheduled, we'll see... when I start to think about the stories and then expanding by the sun [...] the scope of the series will surprise you, we have the Green Lanterns of the Multiverse, a meeting with Oliver Queen”


“Grant me is pushing really to the limit [...] creatively is one of the most challenging I have ever worked with.”

The Green Lantern of Morrison: pictures, details and plans for a “second season” is




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