The Green Lantern: first details of the relaunch of Grant Morrison


Published on Aug 01, 2018


In the last two years, Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp had started to feel only for the exchange of opinions, but, in the end, their discussions moved on to work together, and, when it is born an opportunity to renew the series of Green Lantern, everything was ready for their collaboration aided by the end of the mini-series, Batman & Wonder Woman: The Brave and The Bold, Sharp also worked on the texts.


The circumstances were favourable, and then readers see the two on a new series of Green Lantern focuses on Hal Jordan.

Here are the first details that come from the magazine's DC Nation #3, out today in the USA, and from an interview with newsarama.

Grant Morrison doesn't even want to try to follow in the footsteps of Geoff Johns, who has reworked the myth of the Green Lanterns, but want to create stories that are different from those that have accompanied LV over the last 10 years, while maintaining the core of what has already been developed and by still referring to the rich continuity of the series, but not excessively.

Then we will not have stories of apocalyptic and probably also figures as a Star Sapphire will not appear often, in the authors create stories which are readable by anyone, even by those who do not know the long continuity of the Green Lantern and want to only be able to read a book interesting, so much to push it to even buy the next one.

The stories will then have a footprint less cosmic and more personal, referring to the deal that you see on TV. For this reason, the head will be renamed The Green Lantern, with the definite article to indicate the size of the story, addressed to a single protagonist, with the inscription “Beware my Power” at the top. Then you will give the Body of the LV is not the idea that it is an army, but rather a set of cops intergalactic that operate in the DC Universe, with the possibility to insert various characters of other magazines, and the worlds forgotten, the Silver Age.

The reference to the TV will also take place in relation to the division of the stories into seasons, which will consist of 12 episodes (including the numbers mid-season and end), linked by a main storyline common, but enriched in one of the subplots in particular.

From the graphical point of view, Morrison would like albi colorful, with artistic references to the franco-belgian school, and then to books like Valerian and Barbarella, but also the Golden Age of comics.

After the announcement of their project at Comic-con in San Diego, Newsarama spoke with Liam Sharp, who talked about how he came to work with Morrison:

Newsarama: Liam, I know you can't speak too much of the content of the your next job with Grant Morrison, but how did this new project?

Liam Sharp: there was a lot of coincidences, really. It was as if the entire universe were slowly conspiring to bring me and Grant together. We know each other for years, literally for decades. But we never worked together.

Newsarama: you Had talked about working together?

Sharp: We started talking about it in the last two and a half years or so. The opportunities continued to put together in the same context.

Newsarama: How?

Sharp: the premiere of Wonder Woman... I Had done a podcast, I can't remember what it was, and there were a couple of big fans of Grant Morrison. And we ended up talking about a book that I had written entitled Paradise Rex. And these fans said he I make him read. Anyway, about two weeks later, I saw him in San Diego and gave me a huge hug. It was so strange. It was like, OK, everything is changing now. We were talking about.

Newsarama: So read Paradise Rex?

Sharp: In reality, she had read that book and if I was in love and said we need to talk about it. We need to talk about it. It seemed there had been a meeting of minds. And then at the premiere of Wonder Woman we talked as old maids for about an hour and a half, or something like that.

Newsarama: So the podcasters were right. At that point, you were talking about working together?

Sharp: We started talking about doing a project together, but we had no idea what. Then Dan DiDio has launched the idea of the Green Lantern, and Grant said “Oh, I don't want to really do anything mainstream...” But the idea was fixed in his head and couldn't stop thinking about it.

And then Dan called me and said: “This is a little out of the ordinary, but as you would see on Green Lantern with Grant?” And I was like,... well, it's done. It's going to happen. Of course. How can I say no?

It is as if everything was foreordained to make it happen and to bring us together.


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