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Published on Sep 13, 2019


The story of the adventurer archaeologist who is able to inspire George Lucas for Indiana Jones is told by Walter Venturi in a comic worthy of the great tales of adventure.

Giovanni Battista Belzoni was a phenomenon, a circus, a self-taught, an impromptu engineer, and, above all, an extraordinary archaeologist. His true story is worthy of a great novel, and the character has inspired books, and in this case, comics. And it seems that the creator of Star Wars used it as a model for designing the character of Indiana Jones.

Belzoni has Italian origins, but it is during his stay in London that decides to venture in Egypt, where it will be crucial to bring to light the treasures of the Pyramids. Belzoni, in fact, was the first to enter inside the Pyramid of Khafre. To assist him was his wife Sarah, the pretty little woman but at the same time determined in the moments when the husband was too far away emotionally from their relationship, and reality.

The characters of Sarah and Belzoni are at the centre of a comics story that is the adventure but also the story of a feeling. In the course of the narrative Of Walter Venturi, we follow the two protagonists through the various ups and downs that cause them to move away and to get closer several times, up to an epilogue rather suffered.

Walter Venturi is able to make a biographical story, although adventurous, able to withstand the pace of a comic book Bonelli action. The life of Giovanni Battista Belzoni is well suited to a story full of rhythm and with moments of exciting, but Venturi is, however, skilled in presenting it in an attractive, suitable to the reading of a comic.

The Great Belzoni is one of those operations that the Sergio Bonelli fail constantly, and with success. As well as the epic american of Mauro Boselli and Angelo Stano (told in the Mohawk River and Kentucky River) Walter Venturi is able to lay down the Story inside the comic book adventure, managing with great skill to bring home a very good creative result.

The drawing stroke of the Venturi is in the classic style bonelliano: attentive to details and quite realistic. The taste of Gianluigi and Sergio Bonelli is powered from the comic stories of the genre: the adventure is the dominant line of the Sergio Bonelli Editore. Tex and Zagor are the major creations of the two Bonelli symbol of the SBE, and in some way also to the authors who have collected the witness must be able to evoke that spirit.

The Great Belzoni under this point of view represents a large operation, because it is a comic that can tell a piece of History may be suggestive, but at the same time intrigue the readers with a beautiful tale of adventure. In addition, this volume allows fans to learn the story of a great Italian of the past, yet another, testimony to the fact that our historical and cultural tradition is worthy of pride and joy to the world.

The Great Belzoni is the perfect read for the typical reader bonelliano: the one who is on the hunt for adventure, but at the same time ready to get to intrigue and stimulate further detailed information on places, times and situations of the past to be able to intrigue as if it were a great novel.

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