The grandson of Mara Venier makes a sweet surprise, and bursts into tears ON a Sunday (VIDEO)


Published on Apr 12, 2020


Those who follow Mara Venier also out of the small screen knows how much is tied to his children and to his grandchildren. Love really is the special one that feeds them, like the one that test for the little Claudio. And in these days of confinement, for the grandparents, as he recalled Mara today On a Sunday, it is not easy to stay away from the children.

Not expecting probably to receive the wonderful surprise that the small Claudieto has done. A video message to greet the grandmother. For Mara, the other children, with the greeting to Aunt Mara, but then the few words that her sweet little nephew knows how to say, all devoted to her.

The presenter didn't make it. After a monologue already complicated and difficult on this Easter Sunday, to review the small tv, it has not been easy. It is not easy for any grandfather to stay away from his grandson. It is not the case if we had to tell in these pages, the tragedies that have happened in the last few weeks.

Mara could not resist and broke out crying. You apologized but said that she was sure that all the grandparents, today at home, as she will understand the feelings that you feel in this situation that no one ever would have imagined.

Here is the video from the page Instagram of colleagues Bubino Blog

The good wishes of most of the small L to the grandmother, Mara! 😍😍❤🐣 @mara_venier #domenicain #maravenier #buonapasqua #rai1 #surprise #television #emozionivere

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We can't wait to review all of the grandparents at the park with their grandchildren around the street, bike. And we can't wait to see Mara play on the Latvian home with the little Claudius!

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