The grandma's remedies to lose weight in a hurry, from herbal teas to the potatoes


Published on Dec 05, 2016


To lose weight, you need to keep under control the diet and do physical activity. But how can we lose weight more quickly? The grandmothers are in our rescue and show us some simple moves to lose weight more quickly. These recommendations are especially indicated in this period of the year. In fact, the arrival of the holiday season can mark the arrival of a few extra kilos on our bodies. But without getting lost in the more chatter we will discover together the grandma's remedies to lose weight in a hurry.Drink water and lemon juice. The council is to squeeze half a lemon in a liter of water to have a purifying and diuretic.

Drink of green tea. It would seem that drinking green tea helps us burn 80 more calories per day.

Drink herbal teas with nettle. According to the grandma's remedies, herbal tea with nettles is perfect to lose weight and eliminate fats. Brushing your teeth after meals. Not feeling the mouth the taste of the food move away from the urge to eat.

Drink the water of cooking of the artichokes. According to the grandma's remedies, the water of the cooking of the artichokes, while having a bitter taste, it has strong diuretic properties and is perfect to lose weight more quickly.

The herbal tea that deflates and makes you lose weight, click here for the recipe

Put pepper on all the dishes. The pepper is a food which allows you to burn faster fat. For this reason, use it to season all your dishes, but don't overdo it.

Put the parsley in all the dishes. Parsley is diuretic, and between the various properties, also has to fight the water retention and adjust the level of sugar in the blood.

Eat the potatoes cold. The potatoes cold keep you satisfied longer. For this reason, it is best to eat them in this way.

Eat soup in the evening. Soups are perfect for dinner because they fill without weighing it down.

Eat fruit as a dessert. After meals, to lose weight faster, it is better to replace the sweet with the fruit.

Do not eat after seven. To lose weight in a hurry, the remedies of the grandmother say to sleep for 12 hours so during the night we can burn the reserves of fat.

Cover of coffee grounds. Among the grandma's remedies for weight loss are also to cover the thighs with coffee grounds to snellirle.

Shopping on a full stomach. Go to the supermarket with your stomach wants to allows you to avoid purchasing useless products and a very high calorie content.

Munching on a tomato in the morning. Consume a tomato in the morning helps you lose weight more quickly.

Do more of the housework. With an hour of house work you will lose 200 calories.




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