The Government authorizes the celebrations in the church: from the 18 may with the new rules


Published on May 07, 2020


It was signed a few minutes ago a protocol that will allow the faithful to go to Church for the celebrations. At a distance of 3 months from the closing of all the churches, you can go to pray, receive the sacrament of the Eucharist, but you can do this by following rules, all new that we will learn in the next few weeks. The news was given just a few minutes ago in an official way, also in the CEI that published on the website of the new memorandum of understanding signed with the Government.

Resume and then the celebrations with the people, but always with a fundamental premise: we should not make the gathering, to which each church will receive only a number of people that do not allow contact, and then the possibility of contagion.

The Protocol indicates some of the measures to comply with the care, concerning the access to places of worship on the occasion of liturgical celebrations; the hygiene of the places and objects; the attention to be observed in liturgical celebrations and in the sacraments; the communication must be prepared for the faithful, as well as some general tips.

For those who believe that the place of worship is not suitable to the new rules and restrictions you should celebrate outdoors.

Let's see what are the new rules.

The new rules were outlined with advice that must be respected.

Here are the first nine points of the protocol signed in this morning:

-access for the individual to avoid the build-up

-every house of worship will have a maximum capacity

-there will be volunteers and employees that will ensure that the new rules are followed ; it is recommended that, if there were many of the faithful desiring to participate in the celebrations, to increase the number of masses

-it is recommended to distinguish the input and output if possible from two different ports

-in the church you must wear the masks

-you will not be able to go to church if you have a fever of 37.5

-anyone who has had contacts with positive people can not go to church

-it facilitates access to disabled people

-to the inputs of the places of worship shall be provided for liquid sanitizers

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