The Goonies: What happened to the Band of Brothers?

Published on Jul 31, 2016

At the distance of 31 years from the release of The Goonies, here's what has happened to the family members of the gangsters “the Italian” of the film, the Band Brothers.

It is the weekend and it's raining outside, pouring with rain. I decided as well to watch with my daughter, for the settantaduesima time, The Goonies. A film that has marked my childhood like no other film has been able to do, and that now, after 31 years, I still watch with pleasure.

This time, however, thinking back to how many years have passed, I've found myself asking what happened to the actors of Band of Brothers; the first characters introduced at the beginning of the cult ’80s Steven Spielberg and Richard Donner. The main members of the Goonies, we know more or less where they are, the social, and the web in general, remind us of their stories each time that it is possible to do so. Instead, what I did not know was the fate of the antagonists of the Goonies, often-forgotten but fundamental in the success of the film.

Here's what I discovered...

We start with the most simple, Robert Davi. His famous face pock can still be seen today in some films, but is always relegated to small roles and nothing compares to the Goonies. We have also seen a year ago, in the music video of J-AX “Above average” and a tribute to the film.

He has tried to do even the director in 2007 with The Dukes, no go though over.

He has been married 3 times, and each time she divorced. He has five children, and is often in Italy, because the parents of his father were of the Turret, in the province of Palermo, while those of the mother were of Nusco, in the province of Avellino.

“The other brother”, the favorite “mom”. Joe Pantoliano has also continued him the film career, starring in numerous films but, like me, perhaps you have never recognized. In 2003, he also won an Emmy, thanks to the role of the mobster Ralph Cifaretto, in the series, The Sopranos. He acted practically in a hundred different films, appearing in titles such as the Matrix, Memento, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians – The lightning thief.

Pantoliano has suffered from depression for several years and, once recovered, he decided to found a non-profit organization to combat this disease.

The mother of the Band of Brothers, Anne Ramsey, she acted again in a movie after the Goonies, appearing in another film of the same Donner, S. O. S. Ghosts.

Is dead, however, in August of 1988, because of a carcinoma of the esophagus at the hospital Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Los Angeles. He was only 59 years of age (57 at the time of the Goonies).

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