The Girls of the Pillar: the preview for the spin-off of The Port Prohibited


Published on Oct 29, 2019


BAO Publishing is pleased to announce the release of the girls of The Pillar, the new book by Teresa Radice, Stefano Turconi, available in bookshops from 7 November 2019.

Root and Turconi back to the fascinating atmosphere of the graphic novel that made them famous in the world, The port prohibited, with a series of stories dedicated to the girls of Pillar to Post, the brothel at the centre of the history of the Port, a crossroads of stories of land and sea stories.

We are in the England of the early Nineteenth century. In this first volume, the arrival of unexpected help to the girls, and the interest of a young scientist for one of them will be the triggers of the two adventures, independent but interconnected, which give the beginning to this new series.

Each story will focus on one of the girls and will be autoconclusiva, but each episode will help to build the mosaic narrative of a wider long history, destined to unfold over the years, harmonically, and BAO Publishing will publish two chapters at a time, approximately every two years.

The girls of the Pillar is part of the ten volumes that on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of BAO Publishing contain sixteen pages of extra content and a gold logo on the cover and on the back, only for the first run.

Teresa Radice, Stefano Turconi will sign preview copies of their new book at the booth BAO of the Lucca Comics & Games festival 2019, in days, between 31 October and 3 November 2019. Here will be the volume will also be available with an exclusive variant edition limited.

The Girls of the Pillar: the preview for the spin-off of The Port Prohibited is




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