The Gifted 1×09: At-risk-of-extinction – Review


Published on Dec 07, 2017


In the last few hours you are entering items rather worrying for the future of The Gifted, the serial mutant Fox, which is starting its christmas break. The ratings are not exactly the most encouraging, becoming a serious threat to the renewal for a second season. This year we have already witnessed the cancellation of the other Marvel series of the Fox, and Inhuman treatment, right from the very first episode was shown as a serial highly under-tone.

The Gifted has been able to count so far on the familiarity of the spectators with the name of the X-Men, the famous mutant from Marvel that certainly enjoy a greater reputation than to the lords of Attilan. But could the context of the mutant to support the series to infinity? No, of course not.

The question mutant has become more and more confused with the continuation of the episodes, and now that we are at a step from the long christmas break, the episode of yesterday evening, At the risk of extinction, perfectly represents the spirit of The Gifted. If in the first episodes the element of escape, of coexistence between humans and mutants were centered and well-structured, lately it seems that the series has become a bit too much romantic drama in which the element mutant both slowly slipped to the simple narrative device, when it should be the focus of the story.

Also At risk of extinction in the perceived feeling that the writers are losing sight of the links with the iconography mutant, too taken by the care in the dynamics-like the teenage of the characters. In the stories of the X-Men this aspect was well characterized because these young people were asked to addressed the pitfalls of adolescence maturing more quickly than a normal teenager, given their condition. In The Gifted is missing this element, the mutant powers and their consequences remain an element a corollary, it prefers to focus on the presentation of dramas sentimental, love triangles, and the dynamics that, in the long run, they show their weakness.

Even the presence of a father figure to Reed Straker manages to give depth to a plot that shows a total confusion. The revelation that the true family name is von fury took the rear becomes not a shot of the scene, but a very bad choice. Those who are familiar with the world of mutant comics, or even with the new size of the cinecomic, hearing to appoint the von fury took the rear you immediately feel confused, since we talk about a name that has nothing to do with the mutants, by mixing it in a way that is incomprehensible with the stories of The Gifted.

The main responsibility of this choice is the bad use of the context of the mutant in general, and in Fox, a lack due to the separation of the brands Marvel that dates back to the first film of the X-Men. Some issues are deeply rooted in the complex infrastructure of the Marvel universe, a flaw that could be solved with the much discussed acquisition of Fox by Disney, already the owner of Marvel.

The Gifted has lost its grip on the world's mutant, not enough citations, and the use of names are strong in the history of the X-Men. From the vision of a drama, shared a typical mutant from his works, we went to a patchwork of different characters that are twisted, not by the difficulty of their being mutants, but taking advantage of the jealousies, the loves and quarrels between lovers. The item is sentimental, it is understandable, but it makes no sense that prevails in a production of the genre.

The items on the stormy future of The Gifted are well understood and are the daughters of this progressive decrease in tone in the series, too close to to the teen-drama that a serious and credible product on the universe mutant x-men.

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