The Gay Pride in Milan, 2019 all of the special initiatives for the event LBGTQ


Published on Jun 18, 2019


The Gay Pride in Milan, 2019 all of the special initiatives for the event LBGTQ. Microsoft participates also this year to the activities of the Milan Pride, the manifestation of the pride of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, intersex, and queer), that will animate the city of Milan up to the 29th of June, and for the occasion, announces special initiatives with his line to the Surface, in collaboration with Amazon.

From the 21st to the 30th of June, all those who will be spending it on Amazon Prime Now they will receive a special edition of the bag First Now, personalized with the new campaign " Surface “Different outside. Equal inside. A family.” time to raise the awareness of the people about the power of inclusive of new technologies.
Microsoft and Amazon, also, will parade side-by-side during the parade on Saturday 29 June in Milan – together with a delegation of Linkedin – to be the spokesperson for the rights of minorities and uphold the values of equality and inclusion, thus making her own contribution to educate all the respect and appreciation of differences.

Inclusion and respect, protection and promotion of diversity, and thus also of the LGBT community, are a key element and foundation of the vision of Microsoft, at a global and local level. The company, in fact, always engaged to protect and enhance the rights of all persons without distinction of gender, ethnicity, physical condition, and sexual orientation was the first in the world, for example, already in 1993 – to provide to same-sex couples the same benefits offered to heterosexual couples. Equality and inclusion are core values for Amazon, which with its Affinity Group promotes dialogue and development initiatives on various issues of common interest. Among those active in Italy, there is also Glamazon, dedicated to projects close to the issues LGBTQ+, open to all employees beyond their sexual orientation,

Microsoft has also planned events and initiatives for employees and open to the public:

26 June, 20:00 “Transgender” meeting in the Microsoft House, viale Pasubio 21
The debate devoted to transsexuality. A moment of confrontation with doctors and professionals that will tell the path faced by transgender people in terms of medical care and psychological support. The event is moderated by Monica Romano, a writer and activist in the transgender.
Free event with reservation. For info: milanopride.en/events

– From June 27-29 Location at Pride Square, Piazza Oberdan
Location special Microsoft and Amazon, with Amazon Locker customized for the occasion.

June 29,, Parade, 15:00 Piazza Duca D'aosta
Linkedin, Amazon, and Microsoft the parade along with balloons and a soundtrack dedicated to the Pride, available on Amazon Music

Until June 29, Rainbox in the Microsoft House
For the duration of the Pride, in the Microsoft House will also be able to access the Rainbox, installation rainbow to learn about the world from another point of view.
Microsoft House, viale Pasubio 21, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00

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