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Published on Dec 07, 2018


Are you curious to find out what new games were announced during The Game Awards 2018? Then do not hesitate and read on!

11. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Here is what is said by Nintendo in a press release:

The new game includes the same type of gameplay action-RPG that has made the franchise a great success over a decade ago. In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, up to 4 players can participate in battles across co-op in various ways: they can play online, offline, through a local wireless or move the Joy-With a friend to do it join the team. With a couple of other Joy-With (sold separately) 4 players can create a team on a single system. In addition to the traditional perspective of the series, players can select a visual, dynamic, and zoom, allowing a style of game more immersive for single-player or multiplayer when you use multiple systems.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is, and they announced exclusive for the Nintendo Switch and its output is planned for 2019.

10. Scavengers

Midwinter Entertainment has unveiled a new game set in the future, as you can read in these statements of the study:

In the not too distant future, a catastrophic event has led to a new Ice age, a land of desolate, wide and frozen waiting to be explored. The best way to overcome the challenges of this post-apocalyptic world is the work of the team. In the face of an extreme climate and the scarcity of resources, the inhabitants hostile and opposing players, scouts must form teams to accomplish goals, improve their equipment, weapons, and tools, and ensure the survival of the human species.


9. Dauntless announced for console

In this title, players can enjoy a gaming experience cross-platform between PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switches and mobile devices. The game also provides for the maintenance of progress of the game, customizations, and items bought between all supported platforms.

Also, the new expansion for Dauntless, Frostfall, was published on 6 December and includes new content and seasonal challenges, while Dauntless Hunt Pass, available from the same day, offers new activities and challenges, and with $10 players can purchase a collection of exclusive items, emotes, cosmetics, and more.

8. The Outer Worlds

In The Outer Worlds, players will awake after a cryonic sleep on a spaceship colonial that has been lost to Halcyon, the colony closest to the Earth located on the edge of our galaxy to discover a conspiracy. Traveling and exploring the location of the game you will discover that the player's choices determine the way in which you will play the story.


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