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Published on Feb 19, 2019


Beyond some awkwardness to the narrative represented by a linger so incessant as little as possible in the first act of the opera is a really nice film, The Front Runner – The Vice of Power, the new film by Jason Reitman with Hugh Jackman in the role of senator Gary Hart in’88, not only competed for the presidency of the United States of America, but that even a few weeks after the vote was in the lead on all his opponents.

There is a reason, however, if up until today you have never heard of him, at least not in such a way to bind it to the oval office of the White House, which is also a bit the reason for which The Front Runner was not the true front runner in the Oscar 2019: the film, as its protagonist, believes ceaselessly to be untouchable because he is motivated by ideals and motivations solid, indulging in luxuries and artistic Reitman, carnal mr. Hart – that is not said that they go to genius to the general public. And so, in fact, was not.

Gary Hart (Hugh Jackman), a United States senator of Colorado, is the most favorite in the race for the nomination for the presidential democratic. At a certain point his election campaign, against the wishes of his manager Bill Dixon (J. K. Simmons), Hart and challenge the press and the public inviting them to “follow him,” during the week-end, typically days of rest from the promotion. It will be the biggest mistake of his life, since it is precisely in this way that some reporters will attend a meeting with such a Woman Rice (Sara Paxton), a former model who is seeking work within the team of Hart.

The newspaper will put around rumours of a possible affair of the heart with the girl, operating a mechanism that will ruin the reputation of the candidate: absolute favorite for the White House, Hart finds himself point blank embroiled in a mishmash of media that is not only put into question the relationship of twenty years with his wife, Oletha (Vera Farmiga), but will also mark the new limits in the relationship between politics and journalism.

It is a film of return to the origins for Reitman, who follow the footsteps of his father, Ivan, and the launch of a Ghostbusters 3 in 2020, and the imitation of the model of inquiry-film of Thank You For Smoking, which came to Hollywood in the now distant 2005. It's a brave movie, this is The Front Runner – The Defect of Power, because in his being subdued (and confidential: do not reveal ever the truth or not of the accusations) has the power to tell, perhaps better than any other of the eight films nominated at the Oscar this year, the company and the time in which we live through, however, the period to which refers: to Reitman the “scandal Hart” was the principle that would lead, thirty years later, the witch hunt by the social network we are seeing in recent months, with accusations that, true or not, and if did not feel strong enough, can ruin anyone.

That a movie, a thought so inconvenient to have been completely ignored by the bar removed by the members of the Academy says a lot about how much has hit the mark, perhaps leaving a stain as small, but still legible.

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