The French to the elections, a high voltage Marine Le Pen. Fillon is back ahead in the polls

Published on Apr 18, 2017

Six days away from the election that will the new French president, continues to campaign for the candidates. Yesterday the high voltage to The Pen, contested by the anti-National Front. Today, the leader said: “If elected, the immediate restoration of the frontiers”. The French to the elections, a high voltage Marine Le Pen. Fillon is back ahead in the polls. High voltage Marine Le Pen, the candidate of the Front National at the French presidential election last night – six days before the vote for the presidency – has been the subject of complaints without end on the part of anti-National Front. Outside is inside the Zenith theatre, in the north of the capital, blitz and accidents have marked the evening of the election. Getting out of your car, the faithful follower of Le Pen, Gilbert Collard, deputy of the Gard, you are greeted by insults, throwing objects, and even a few molotov cocktails. “Militant of the extreme left”, " thunders the frontista, while accidents and clashes, even violent, with agents in riot gear continue in the near of the park of the Villette. The candidate frontista is in, seemingly safe. It is addressed to the large audience: “And now the time of choice, a historical choice, a choice of civilization. This election is a referendum: the pros and cons of globalization wild, pro or against France. On Sunday, France is reborn or sink”: warns. The militants, at least five thousand, including many young people), the hail, in the triumph of the tricolor bleu-blanc-rouge, and staples ‘Marine Présidente’. But also in not missing out the program. The candidate in his harangue to the crowd, explaining that, “we are here in France: no one can impose laws, customs and traditions that are not our own. Here, the women you meet, do not insult for the road, do not hide behind a veil because they are considered impure. The Pen is a river in flood. Claims the right of every countryman to “drink wine if you want,” but suddenly a militant tossed on stage to the surprise of the candidate and forcing her to be silent. The woman is immediately taken away from the service order behind the cry, unstoppable activists: “On est chez nous! This is our house! Marine President!”. Then, again, just a few minutes later, another woman, this time from the audience, cries out to the scene with the huge ‘Au Nom du Peuple’. Six thousand of the Zenith, turn the gaze towards the militant infiltrated, on the chest, to the bare breast, has branded the slogan of the anti-Le Pen. Impossible, at least for now, to determine if it was a Femen or less. Another intervention of the bodyguard lepenisti. Other cries of the militant nationalists. Interrupted for a second time, Le Pen's comments bitter: “do Not want to let us express our ideas...”. And again: “This is the vision of the extremists of the left in the face of the only candidate a woman who defends women”. Just before his arrival, another individual dressed in the dark had risen on the scene while pointing the middle finger in the face to the people of the Front. In Paris, the candidate in pole position in the polls with Emmanuel Macron has returned to say that his first measure will be to suspend the Schengen and “restore the border”. “Greece is ruined, Italy submerged, are absolutely unable to withstand this migratory pressure, which has only just begun,” he lamented. As for islamic extremists, “I have indicated as the only candidate to beat: I rejoice: they understood who they need to fear. The Immigration? “Not a chance, but a drama.” The Pen has also promised that if he were to win the presidency “will not hesitate” to nationalize the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire recently purchases by Fincantieri. The speech continually interrupted it lasted about an hour and a half and closed on the notes of the Marseillaise. The next rally, one of the last before the vote on April 23, will be Wednesday in Marseille. (ANSA)

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