The fourth Grade gives too much space for Antonio Logli? Gianluigi Nuzzi responds to criticism


Published on Mar 25, 2019


In the course of an episode of the Fourth wave of the march 22, 2019, Antonio Logli has returned to be the protagonist. The husband of Roberta Ragusa, by 2013 it had never gone on tv to talk about, if not in the first few weeks after the death of his wife. This year, however, has decided to change the defensive line and has chosen the Fourth Grade, to tell her. It was a guest solo in a bet, was a guest on live from his house to the side of his son Daniel, who has declared in front of the whole Italy to believe in the innocence of his father. And he was a guest Friday evening. In the last episode aired, the Logli has to be rebuilt, together with the journalist of the Fourth Degree, to that which should have been the day that has lived a few hours after you realized that Roberta was not in the house. The audience of the Fourth Degree, however, does not seem to have appreciated the manner in which this story has been recounted. On social, Friday evening, lots of messages of protest against the method chosen by Nuzzi and the preparation of the program. A wave of controversy that has now led the tenant to respond, always on social, saying its.

And here is the message that Nuzzi has decided to post on social to respond to the many criticisms coming from the part of the viewers:

We give space to the allegations (on Antonio Logli for years we have given space only to the accusation since the defence almost silent) and the defence. The right of defence and is covered in our Constitution, without forgetting that Logli still not finally condemned. If, then, Logli indicates for the first time what he did that day, also shows the weaknesses of its reconstruction. If the chronicle and the justice satisfied the baser instincts of those who raise the voice, we will return to sentences a summary, the middle ages of the information. Good start to the week friends. And you will see that Roberta will have full justice. #quartogrado


These are the words of Nuzzi who will certainly read lots of criticisms arrived in the course of an episode of the Fourth Degree in the wave Friday evening. Many viewers have even complained asking to boycott the program if it were to continue on this line. The public you know, it is often the sovereign, and it is also right to give explanations. But it is also true that a programme of information must give way to those who accuse, who defends her, to tell her.

For a long time Logli has not spoken, and was also criticized for this, now that, instead, he chose to do so, should be censored?

Viewers seem to be; however, the space given to the Logli, but the fact that even in the studio there are many people who believe in his innocence. Find this way of dealing with the case a little respectful towards Roberta, it will be really so?

The article in the Fourth Degree gives too much space for Antonio Logli? Gianluigi Nuzzi responds to the criticism coming from the Latest News Flash.




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