The food of the souls will become a reality


Published on Feb 11, 2020


Many of us have wondered how would be the anime characters in real life, but probably few of you have wondered if the food in anime has the same “flavor”.

Well, a japanese lady took the matter in hand and has recreated the japanese recipes of the best anime feature films.

The user of Instagram En93kitchen create meals that are not only Studio Ghibli movies like Kiki or my neighbor Totoro, but also from other famous animes, and the cooked foods look really delicious! Below are some examples of food, some of which hit really playback fidelity (with the understanding that Heidi couldn't do it myself): and you, what food you saw in an anime would you like to taste?

The spaghetti de The Castle of Cagliostro

The tea party in The enchanted city

The cheese and the milk of Heidi

The snack Kamaji The enchanted city

The cake Kiki – Delivery

Soup with meatballs from Laputa

The breakfast, When there was Marnie

Noodles from Ponyo on the cliff

The sandwich of Ponyo

My neighbor Totoro

The pancakes of Your Name

The sandwich by Your Name

If you want to see more, this is the profile.

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