The Flash 6×18 – Pay the Piper | Review


Published on May 07, 2020


After a month of forced stop, because of the emergency caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus, which has disrupted the schedule and locked in the production, the return of the Flash was anything but positive – our review HERE.

Barry had started to ripen, the belief that Iris is not Iris but his theories were met with skepticism from the rest of the Team Flash thing that had made it possible for Eva McCulloch to bring forward his plan, clutching at first an unlikely alliance with Bloodwork, who had donated his blood, and then attacking directly the same as Barry by sacrificing the Mirror Iris.

This week's episode, the penultimate of this Season 6, entitled Pay the Piper sees Barry to inform the rest of Team Flash that Mirror Iris is not the only clone. In the Mirrorverse are in fact prisoners also Kamilla Singh. While you are working hard to find a way to open a portal to the other dimension, Barry is attacked by Godspeed in search of his speed, and of course, not knowing that Flash is now taking advantage of the last remnants of the Speed Force now dying.

With its Speed to a minimum and Godspeed that uses vibration to risucchiarla, Barry is forced to ask for the help of his old enemy, The pied Piper, who in the new timeline post-Crisis, is it still more embittered against Flash because during their last clash was wounded a soldier twists, Roderick, who in reality turns out to be her boyfriend.

The Piper agrees to help him in exchange for a cure for Roderick. But right when the first attempts fail, Godspeed attacks once again, and only the altruism of Flash convince definitively the Piper. A victory is unlikely to get a cure and new hope for defeating Eve McCulloch.

Not just the return of Godspeed and a Piper as close as possible to his counterpart in the comics to revive the fortunes of Pay the Piper, the episode that confirms that The Flash is dragging towards the season finale next week in a tired and not convinced.

Also this week's episode is confused and devoid of stain. You throw in the cauldron a few references to his works in the hope to make it a more attractive script slim in which the narrative is relegated to a couple of stops in the final minutes, and the lines of secondary are not very concrete, more of a distraction – see Killer Frost with his interpreter Danielle Panabaker who should leave the series at the end of this season.

You save a little of Pay the Piper and see the creature of Carmine Di Giandomenico reduced to a caricature is really a pity in view of the potential of the character. It is obvious, therefore, as the expectations for the final episode of this Season 6 scheduled for the next week they are low in fact very low: it is difficult in 45 minutes or less, you are able to give meaning to the main plots, and in this take refuge in the original material only in moments of convenience begins to be a dangerous habit for The Flash the results are frustrating.

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