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Published on Apr 29, 2020


After a month of forced stop due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, which had blocked the production and disrupted the television schedules, the recovery of The Flash was anything but snappy, with an episode – our review HERE – and had shown unequivocally to point to the end of the season, secured to the 19th episode, all focused on Eve McCulloch.

Choice appreciable, though with a decidedly imperfect, given that the McCulloch, her husband Joseph of Carver and the connection with the mysterious organization "Black Hole" that takes advantage of the metahumans are the ideas of a narrative the best this Season 6.

From the dramatic final episodes of the last week and then again this 17th episode entitled Liberation and, in particular, by the decision of the Iris to dismiss Barry. We know that Iris is one of the duplicates created by the McCulloch, but this Barry ignores him although he starts to creep in, the doubt that there is something wrong with the wife.

Barry, always burdened by the death of the Speed Force, so he begins to search obsessively for clues corroborino his thesis. When Eva realizes that Barry and Team Flash are getting close to the truth it will give a sharp turn to his plan at first, trying to fool your Barry and then by making a visit to Bloodwork always using his “sons”.

At this point we must only give the coup thanks to Barry/the Flash always through the Iris duplicate. The confrontation is unequal, and Barry seems to get the worst of it: Eva is revealed as Iris, the true one, he discovers that the woman is plotting a revenge against the husband far more extensive than that which I had been led to believe Iris itself.

It is always the lack of clarity in the execution, which breaks down any pretensions of interest in The Flash with this Liberation slow and drawn out, too much related to a component of the drama, which is not found in a couple of plot twist, apparently without foundation, and a villain who so far was found to be credible, but the plan is dramatically made more complex and branched the need.

You save really a little of this 17th episode, which is only 45 minutes back to the series on those territories in a confused and convulsive, from which so much trouble had tried to steer clear of in this awkward in Season 6.

Appreciate the long sequence, final action that gives a nod to Terminator 2, and shows the potential of the Mirroverse if it was exploited in a manner more adherent to the material comics while the already mentioned return of the territory of purely dramatic ill bride narratively with that, so far, built around the villain that the Speed Force.

Having had to “cut” some episode in Season 6 is not justified showrunner and writers in the making of the episodes free of stain as this and obvious “steps backward” with respect to the development of The Flash and indeed to its survival. Yes, because his vision is increasingly less interesting and frustrating in the light of other products capable of joining or re-read the material comics in a more exciting or how to package the plots more engaging.

Only two episodes from the end and then the expectations for the season finale of Season 6 are really very low.

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