The Flash 6×15 – The Exorcism of Nash Wells | Review


Published on Mar 18, 2020


The episode of the last week of The Flash – our review HERE – it was the party premises, decidedly interesting, suffering then a compression-perhaps a little too strong and a component of the drama, perhaps excessive, and had led to two important revelations.

The first: the Speed Force is dying, and is now a reserve that Barry will be able to draw on for a limited period of time. The cause of this “death” had been the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. On that occasion, Barry, in an attempt to avert the Crisis itself, had infused the Strength of the Speed of the energy coming from the Spectrum by giving it the proverbial coup de grace.

The second: the interior Nash Wells dwells in a totally unsuspected the personality of Eobard Thawne, who, however, remains another victim of the death of the Speed Force, and then is captured.

This week's episode titled The Exorcism of Nash Wells, however, part of that narrative, leaving slightly on the sidelines last week and related to Eve and to the Mirrorverse. Having caught Camilla, the woman now has as its aim the theft of a Prismatic Refractor from Mercury Labs, but his plan fails due to the interference of another agent Blackhole. The incident coincided with the investigation of Joe the mole present at the Police Department Central City and is connected to Joseph Carver, CEO of McCulloch Technologies.

At Star Labs, meanwhile, Cisco, with the help of Cecille, tries to untangle the situation of Nash Wells in which the subconscious dwell apparently all the consciences of his doppelganger. The point, however, is not to assert that Thawne of course...

Barry must come to terms with the fact that even the powers of Flash have limits.

Net of the debut of the first villain, completely original to the series – the agent Blackhole, the Sunshine – The Exorcism of Nash and Wells is an episode downright bizarre, which shows, if proof were needed, as this Sixth Season of The Flash browse a bit to view and insecure.

The first part of the episode is introductory and manages, in a fairly timely manner, and also to take stock of the situation on the various narrative strands that after the crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths were brought forward in a manner more or less parallel in the course of the episodes, and which here converge, or even a hypothetical resolution.

From this point of view is interlocutory the second part of the episode that already seems to delete from the scenario Eobard Thawne. It is lawful then to wonder if you have had too much sense to reintroduce it...

While the direction makes you jump through hoops to keep alive the attention of the viewer succeeds thanks to a pace well thought out, the script will unravel in the course of the episode, resorting once again to a component of the drama, frankly out of place to narrate the origin of Nash Wells, adding nothing to the clues scattered in the past few episodes, if not tears, as always, excessive.

You need to take stock of the situation, and The Exorcism of Nash, Wells succeeds, for the rest of the episode highlights once again the significant gaps in the management of the series in the long term.

As we know, the production of the Sixth Season of The Flash is stopped to prevent the possibility of infection by Coronavirus, and received the news late yesterday that The CW has decided to postpone the last episode available on the 7 April in the hope they can resume as soon as possible to the production.

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