The Flash 6×14 – Death of the Speed Force | Review


Published on Mar 11, 2020


After a break of two week resumes the running of The Flash. We left the series with an episode that had seen the mind of Barry to be transferred in the body of Gorilla Grodd – our review HERE – with the giant primate, who had confessed to Barry was not a victim of the consequences of the collapse of the Multiverse and remember everything.

Barry recalcitrant had decided to help him, but not without risks; in the meantime, Iris in Mirroworld had tried to convince Eve McCulloch to find a way to escape while the visions of Nash Wells were intensified.

While Eva seemed to hide a terrible secret linked to the doppelganger of Iris, just visions of Nash Wells seemed to not only be the fruit of his mind.

With the saving of passengers of a helicopter to start this week's episode titled emphatically " Death of the Speed Force.

The saving is not the work of Barry but Wally came back of the surprise in Central City. But it is not the only return... even Cisco is back in advance of your journey.

The first has felt a disturbance in the Speed Force, disorder that apparently is affecting, of course, the powers of Barry, even if the latter does not want to admit it. The second, instead, is on the trail of Turtle 2, a dangerous criminal is able to slow down the time.

When one of the passengers of the helicopter is assassinated their from Turtle 2, the investigations converge.

Wally helps Barry understand that the Speed Force has been irreparably compromised once again due to its reckless actions this time during the event, a crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Barry will have to reckon with the possibility that his powers are running out, while Cisco makes a sensational discovery about Nash Wells, also a consequence of the Crisis: his body has a consciousness.

While Barry asks Cisco and Caitlin to build a Speed Force artificial, Camilla discovers by pure chance that Iris is not Iris...

Net of its premises in the Death of the Speed Force is an interesting episode that unfortunately suffers from some performance anxiety trying to compress in a way that is somewhat awkward, the various narrative strands are encumbered by a component drama far too much.

What interesting can you see in the episode is tied to suggestions of a more markedly comics between the return, sometimes far from the pacific, Wally West, passing to the death of the Force, the Speed of the title.

Pity that the whole is diluted with a villain of the week really impalpable and with the necessity of having to bring forward both the plot and Nash Wells – “resolved” in a very dismissive – and that of the Iris, perhaps the best of the last week, and that holds up pretty well.

The flywheel is a component to the drama that had been waning lately, and here erupts again with the return of tears so tiresome and useless as well as the need to make tangible the Power of the Speed.

It obviously suffers the film tries to establish a return to decent for the incident, but is forced to follow a script to say the least, erratic, and dismissive.

The Flash seemed to have found the ground balance for this second part of the season, but these last episodes seem to refute this feeling unfortunately.

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