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Published on Feb 26, 2020


Set aside the direct consequences of the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Flash had packed last week, an episode dedicated to Ralph – our review HERE – which was almost managed to solve one of his most difficult cases: the disappearance of Sue Dearbon.

The girl had turned out to be anything but a damsel in pericola, and it managed to take advantage of Ralph making a sensational theft resulting in the daring escape. All, however, had started to converge towards a single direction: the mysterious organization "Black Hole".

Both the theft of His new, secret investigation of Joe involving Black Hole and, indirectly, the McCulloch Technologies where Iris had discovered to be locked together Eva McCulloch in a Mirror World.

From here starts the episode this week titled Grodd Friended Me.

Iris pushes in order for Eva to find a way to escape from the strange dimension that is the Mirror World while his doppelganger continues quite aggressive in his investigation of Joseph Carver, CEO of McCulloch Technologies. We will discover that there is a connection between the two Iris.

Barry, meanwhile, is the victim of an experiment gone bad to the Laboratories of STAR entering into the mind of Gorilla Grodd.

Grodd enlists the help of Barry to exit from the coma that has been induced to return, peacefully, to Gorilla City. The giant primate, he confesses to Barry was not a victim of the consequences of the collapse of the Multiverse and remember all, Barry recalcitrant decides to help him, but not without risk: the fusion of the mental could in fact cause damage to their respects bodies.

Meanwhile, Nash Wells complicates the situation with Cheerful, a doppelganger of her daughter, and the visions of the other Wells are intensified... but these appearances may not be the fruit of the mind of Nash!

The Flash arrives at the halfway point of this sixth season with an episode lackluster, definitely passing by and thought to move in a not-too-convincing some of the checkers are second in the checkerboard series.

Grodd Friended Me try to use the formula of “villain of the week” after Grodd, always a harbinger of episodes comic, but not being able to be practically never as incisive because of a plot heavy, and is a film that fails to strike a rate that will maintain high the attention of the viewer.

If it were not for the minutes end with Grodd and Flash time the episode would not offer even a few scenes of action worthy of note.

In fact, the episode wants to offer important updates on Iris – of which we learn the important news, particularly for one that is locked with Eve on Nash Wells mysterious object in the post-Crisis, and who suddenly seems to link to it even at the end of last season that actually has been so far practically ignored.

It seems, therefore, assume that the return from the break of two weeks, the next episode will be aired on the 10th of march, The Flash returns of arrogance on that narrative, not without smudging as you will recall from the end of last season, now supported perhaps by the consequences of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Certainly ahead of the episodes more committed to action and perhaps with some reference to the material comics.

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