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Published on Feb 19, 2020


For The Flash attempt of starting in the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths shipped beating a new narrative was spectacularly shipwrecked, or nearly so, in the episode last week – our review HERE – which had timidly tried to shuffle the cards on the table with a foregone result and approximate.

Specifically, Iris and Barry were for the first time a debate on the consequences of the event cataclismatico that almost cost him his life on Barry while, with the passing of the minutes, the trick drawn from the script you sfaldava, after making us figure out that Iris was not the true Iris remained trapped in the Mirror World, following in the footsteps of the Black Hole – the mysterious organization that traffics in meta-humans – up to McCulloch Technologies.

In the episode this week, titled A Girl Named Sue, Iris understands that beyond the Mirror World, a doppelganger has taken his place. While trying to get rid of together with the other roommate of the dimension opposite to the reality, that is, Eve McCulloch, his duplicate attempts to recover the Mirror Gun pretending to be interested in solving the case of a Black Hole.

In Central City, meanwhile, everything flows unaware of the events of Iris and Ralph is about to solve one of the cases that haunt: the disappeared Sue Dearbon. The girl resurfaces suddenly in Central City, and Ralph the tracks quickly, his disappearance is tied to an old boyfriend, John Loring, who is actually an arms dealer. His is on the run after discovering his customer list but is also willing to fit it... in between the two to take an unlikely collaboration.

Meanwhile, Joe entrusts to Barry a survey on which to maintain the maximum confidentiality, an investigation that proves to be linked to the Iris and incredibly even to that of Ralph and Sue, who instead meets with not a few “difficulties”.

A Girl Named Sue is a decided step ahead of the latest episodes of The Flash thanks to some effective interpretations of the suggestions all of comics, and a decisive shift towards a convergence of the various narrative strands toward a single vanishing point represented by the Black Hole, and a reflection – excuse the bad pun – from the McCulloch Technologies.

The episode takes advantage of and then Ralph, and his old survey as a thread innestandovi a series of elements from the “secondary” that are of significance and integrity only at the end.

Ralph, as has already happened in the past, is a character that allows you to keep the tone of the episode never too heavy, and as in this case, fun and tense thanks also to the excellent chemistry with His character, instead, it is intended for the task of wrapping the twist that actually connects a bit of everything as I said a moment ago.

It is definitely an interesting picture that showrunner and writers are creating from a few weeks to this part in which there is only maybe a little bit of rhythm and a direction that is a little more personal.

I would avoid, personally, to insert new elements/characters insisting instead on recovering old connections – see the origins of Eva McCulloch – to give a greater sense of cohesion to the whole, and by returning the series to those bases that had everything all worked out really well.

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