The Flash 6×09 – Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three | Review


Published on Dec 11, 2019


We had left The Flash with the ones that were probably the episodes best this slow for a sixth season – our review HERE – where precisely on the eve of the Crisis, it was reported that Bloodwork had launched his final attack, infecting Barry, gripped by doubts about its fate, had fallen prey to doubt and indecision, becoming a Dark Flash.

The plan of Bloodwork to extend its control throughout the Central City prior to and on the whole planet after it had been fortunately foiled because Barry was still conscious inside of a Dark Flash by providing the clues needed to defeat the villain.

The joy of the victory was however short, because the Crisis had come. In the first part of the event crossover – our review HERE – Harbinger and the Monitor had started to gather the heroes to counteract the destructive wave of antimatter that had made the two victims of the excellent, that is Earth-38, the world of Supergirl, evacuated only because of the sacrifice of Oliver Queen!

In the second part – our review HERE – the Monitor was then forced to reveal that the heroes that were gathering were, in part, defined Paragon, avatar of the primordial forces, able to fight the Crisis. While the heroes were divided in the Multiverse in search of the Paragon missing, was also began a hunt for the soul of Oliver in a desperate attempt of resurrection.

Finally we discovered the identity of the hand behind the wave of Antimatter: the Antimonitor released, with the deceit, Pariah or Nash Wells.

This Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three, the ninth episode of the sixth season of The Flash, begins with the search for the latest Paragon... professor Ryan Choi's Ivy University on Earth-1. Iris, Ralph and Ray will try then to persuade him to join the team.

The search for the soul of Oliver My, Diggle and Constantine fails, even though reduced no from Lucifer himself, with the hero who agrees to become the host of an entity so far kept by a certain Jim Corrigan.

Barry learns, finally, to his fate. Now that the antagonist has been revealed, and after that the Monitor has returned the powers to the Cisco, Flash with Frost and Vibe and discover how it is generated the wave of Antimatter. This is a huge cannon powered by a carpet on which it was trapped, the Earth Flash-90 (the one from the TV series of the ’90s).

While Pariah recruit Black Lightning in an attempt to sabotage the weapon, Barry is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice unless to be stopped at the last moment by his more experienced counterpart. However, once again, the Antimonitor seems to be a step forward, inflicting a new heavy defeat to the heroes.

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three represents the turning point for the event crossover this year, and it is not a case, nor that it will be the episode with the most solid so far, nor that it will be an episode of The Flash series, that will become clear, the flagship of the Arrowverse.

Deleted, but not all, of course, the commercials and cameos ends in themselves, the characters of the past of the DC television showrunner and writers are starting to finally give substance to a storyline far too muddled.

Certainly, the sense of compression remains very strong, but at least in this episodes, the various narrative strands are more ordered and the various cameos – Lucifer before, and the Flash-the ’90s – are not simply fun but are essential to the unfolding of events.

It is precisely the comparison between the Barry of the Arrowverse, and the historical, the high point of the episode that, in the chaos citazionistico and sci-fi represented so far, is perhaps the first real opportunity to mould their comic event crossover.

The ending is perhaps a little immature and phoned leaving so much displaced as eager to know the fate of the heroes... but for this we will have to wait even to the 14th of January when Arrow resumes its run.

Ultimately, at least in this first half, and net of the swirl of quotes and cameos, Crisis on Infinite Earths, is suffering a texture that is too compressed, a little, and prosthetics in the classic sense and are more distinctly sci-fi look, with the extreme difficulty of reconciling the spectacle of the event, with the narrative strands of the various individual series. The result so far is just enough.

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