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Published on Dec 04, 2019


In the episode of the last of the week of The Flash – our review HERE – Bloodwork, or dr. Ramsey Red had given her a shrewd plan of conquest and managed to infect Barry Allen who was first gripped by panic, with so much comparison with the Speed Force, his impending fate, and then it was dropped permanently the prey of the control of the villain.

In the episode this week, titled The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2, and the rest of the Central City has been infected by Bloodwork that has all the air of a real zombie invasion. Cisco, and Iris are looking for a way to cure Barry, and then reflected all over the city and destroy the villain.

The plan of Bloodwork, however, is far from complete, and involves the technology of Star Labs, to be able to spread to the whole planet!

Attempts to becoming clever Barry meanwhile fail but both Iris and Cisco are able to catch small clues that suggest to them that Barry is still conscious inside of Dark Flash, and that the key to stopping Bloodwork is the young Alegra and his powers ultraviolet.

The two are then to bait attracting Bloodwork and the Dark Flash in Star Labs to stop them and then to save both Barry and the city.

Will, however, Flash give the coup de grace to the Bloodwork using the same “underhanded” weapon that was used against him in the first place.

The victory on the Bloodwork will be only the prelude to the Crisis just when the heavens will begin to be dyed red...

Just on the eve of the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Flash packs the best episodes of the beginning of the sixth season really lackluster.

Specifically, this The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2 has the merit of channelling very well some horror atmospheres, which have been perhaps the only positive idea of a villain born and developed in a very rough and a bit derivative, and that has realised its full potential only in these last few episodes.

The saga of Bloodwork is closed, therefore, less crackling than expected, also because “obscured” by the impending Crisis, making it appear still more evident as this first part of the season has been a long preamble to built even without too much conviction from the showrunner and writers.

There is obviously the component of the drama that faces the most shots during the episode and, in fact, is also the weapon that Flash uses to defeat Bloodwork and returns overbearing in the final minutes of course.

What will be the role of Sprinter Scarlet during the Crisis? Barry Allen is really going to die?

These questions will be given the proper response from the next week even though he was rightly projected to the post-Crisis, in the best tradition of comics. And so it is reasonable to wonder if this sixth season of The Flash will be able to recover benefitting from the events of the crossover, or will drag on for the rest of the year.

If these first eight episodes have given an indication that is certain is that the status quo of the series will be inevitably modified by greeting several of the protagonists.

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