The Flash 6×07 – The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1 | Review


Published on Nov 27, 2019


The episode of the last week of The Flash – our review HERE – was another episode theme all focused on Elongated Man. Ralph and Barry, in fact, they had embarked on a mission under cover tones definitely bondiani to find Its Dearborn.

The two had not found the woman's disappearance but had rocambolescamente dismantled the organization of the transgressor Remington Meister intent to present to an audience of criminals with a dangerous weapon of mass destruction.

After this adventure, Barry had confessed to Ralph want to invest officially as a hero for his successor to protect Central City by attracting but also Ramsey Red that had attacked the hero extendable right after the press conference of the endowment.

Right from the attack to resume this week's episode, titled The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1.

Just two days after the crisis Ramsey infects Ralph. To heal Caitlin suggests to speed up his metabolism with a blood transfusion for Barry. Everything seems to be going for the better, but suddenly Barry begins to have strange nightmares and visions.

Ramsey visits him by suggesting that his power there is hope of salvation from the Crisis. It is obvious that Barry has been infected and while resisting with difficulty the temptation of the dark side will be a confession of the same Speed and Force to throw the Sprinter almost out of the roadway.

It's up to Cisco to intervene in a manner providential to bring Barry to full consciousness, or maybe not?

A bit of a surprise and not without a few less successful The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1 is probably one of the best episodes of this lackluster sixth season of The Flash.

The credit must be given without doubt to the writers that, in spite of a premises quite slim and not-so-original I can insert a component drama with decidedly less banal than usual, and innervated by some of the classic cues taken from the literature of prosthetics more classical. Here, then, is that Barry, after five episodes, where she had maintained a certain stoicità in the face of her fate, begins to show the first signs of failure with the possibility that his life is coming to an end and is really marked by the imminent Crisis.

There is also to say that unfortunately, at some juncture the episode reminds us too of the worst offered from the Spider-man 3 by Sam Raimi, perhaps this is the fault of a villain, that Ramsey Red never too convincing, that with the passing of the episodes are blurring into territory that was too marvelliani, both in appearance and in character development.

Very happy but the choice to make this a two-part episode avoiding the risk of compression that is just mentioned is avoided thanks to the twist ending.

In short, as mentioned a few paragraphs ago, a bit of a surprise The Flash shows any sign of life at the eve of the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths taking advantage of some of the few positive points this early in the season, and finding in one of its components, never too effective, and the drama, an unexpected strong point.

We will see how the good feelings of this first part will be developed and brought to conclusion in the next week.

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