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Published on Nov 21, 2019


The episode of the last week of The Flash – our review HERE – it was focused on Cisco, and ideally closed the circle on a secondary character, but vital to the previous seasons of the series, and represent in fact also the best episode so far of this lackluster sixth season.

The event was then concluded with the rescue of Nash, Wells, and Joe, trapped in the underworld, to be part of Team Flash, and with the revelation of the explorer multiversale on the ability to save Barry from the impending death caused by the Crisis, now approaching on the horizon.

This week's episode, titled License to Elongate, leaves initially, the consequences of this revelation, and follow instead, Ralph and his investigation of the disappearance of Her Dearborn. Barry agrees to follow the friend in the hope of bringing it back safely to Central City from Midway City in time for a press conference that would announce Elongated Man as the official successor to Flash.

The world of Ralph, however, is very different from that of Barry and his alter-ego superhero that gives not just a geezer investigate. The two, in fact I end up in an exclusive party for only the criminals and in the clutches of the evil Remington Meister intent to present a dangerous weapon of mass destruction. Barry should learn from Ralph how to get out of trouble is not to rely only on his powers.

In Central City Cecile helps a rejuvenated Chester P. Runk – the black hole in the living of a few episodes ago – and Nash Wells continues his excavations, aided by Esperanza and its powers ultraviolet.

Immediately after the press conference of presentation of the Elongated Man, Ralph suffers a brutal attack.

Also License to Elongate is, in fact, an episode, “theme” but unfortunately fails to achieve the sufficient as happened instead last week.

The fault is not absolutely nor of Ralph, a character which indeed more than once has revived the fortunes of episodes of the dishes, nor a script that takes full advantage of the comic-relief, giving the episode an aftertaste from parody film of the James Bond series with references to pop.

This would be enough sin, however, you decide to jam it forcefully the other narrative strands and elements that do not fit with one another.

The coupled Nash/Allegra and Cecile/Runk are devoid of stain and utility. The main plots in fact do not progress to a comma, and also the final is the demonstration of how to too many items in the beginning of the season have been launched haphazardly, without a particular project in mind or on the part of the showrunner or the writers.

The Flash will slowly but what is of most concern is the fact that proceeds without stain. As already happened for almost all of the episodes this season the attention of the viewer is almost never captured neither by the plot nor by the new characters, nor by the evolution of the dynamics of the ones already present.

How to revive the fortunes of this Sixth Season is, to this day a mystery, and frankly, it is difficult that it can only be the consequences of the event crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths which, however, in the current state should have at least the merit of being pull a breath, a series that seems to be rather tired.

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