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Published on Nov 06, 2019


The episode of the last week of The Flash – our review HERE – was served to legitimize definitively, in the role of major villain, dr. Red in an attempt to find a cure for his mortal illness had made dangerous experiments on himself with the dark matter, yielding equally dangerous and unstable powers that he had definitively blown the whistle on the already precarious mental balance.

Barry in the meantime had confessed to the rest of the Team Flash not only left the prophecy of the Monitor, asking them not to try to save it: the only timeline that would have been integrated would have been, in fact, the one in which he will die.

Finally in Central City has come to surprise a new Harrison Wells, or better Nash Wells, adventurer and archaeologist multiversale in search of something mysterious.

This week's episode, the fifth of the sixth season, is titled Kiss Kiss Breach Breach and I see Barry and Iris leave for one day trying to download a bit of the tension.

With Cisco the command Team Flash is divided, willingly or unwillingly, the tasks. Caitlin decides to track down the Red with which you will have a comparison a little friendly while he remains trapped in the underworld with Nash Wells that does not seem to reveal his true intentions, even if it reveals you know how to save Barry during the Crisis!

But who will fare the worse it will be Cisco that receives an unexpected visit from the Breacher. Cynthia/Gypsy, in fact, has been murdered. The ex-Vibe, with the help of Camila, decides to investigate, discovering that he is the culprit! There is definitely something not right and everything seems to focus on the criminal multiversale Echo... but who is really this dangerous individual and that relationship with Cisco?

It is really singular that the best episode of this still young in the sixth season of The Flash is the one dedicated to Cisco, a character certainly important for the series since its first season, but also added a bizarre and definitely out by the canons of classical mythology of the Sprinter Scarlet.

Kiss Kiss Breach Breach to dive without too many frills on some of the consequences of the past season regarding the character, especially connected to her decision to take care that the private powers.

The episode is then marked with a robust procedural in salsa sci-fi show unprecedented potential of the character, too often exploited only for the comic relief. Showrunner and writers, therefore, pay the right tribute to the character, remembering that soon it will no longer series regular – with a story true and well-balanced in its drama, romantic and touching without overdoing the right emotional cords.

Also noteworthy was the participation, as a guest star, the legendary Danny Trejo in the role of a Breacher always above the lines.

Pity that the narration of Cisco to be broken without too much stain from the narrative strands of secondary. The short one and still undecided linked to the villain Red – still too derivative – and the one of Nash and Wells referred to in this episodes we follow the events, only the “revelation” cliffhanger of the final minutes.

If there is something that remains of this Kiss Kiss Breach Breach is the feeling that The Flash is suffering from a bit of laziness in anticipation of the event crossover... sin!

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