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Published on May 15, 2019


The episode last week – our review HERE – was a harbinger of an unexpected revelation: the dagger of Cicada was used in the future to prevent the powers of Eobard Thawne to become manifest, thereby making a prisoner but not quite harmless.

It was Ralph's first understand that the events that have seen protagonist Cicada are nothing more than a elaboratissimo floor of the same Thawne.

However, before dealing with the threat represented by Thawne, Team Flash has had to ward off the danger of the cryo-atomizer device that Cicada wanted to spread the virus that would have exterminated the population of the meta-human in Central City.

While managing to stop his plan, the heroes had had to flee Cicada also because Ralph was “injured”.

From here, return to the events of the twenty-second episode, the season finale of this fifth season, titled Legacy.

With the insight of Ralph to Sherloque just a little to frame the scope of the plan Thawne: let the Team Flash destroy in the past the dagger so that in the future can not be used against him.

The goal is then to neutralise a Cicada and put his hands on the dagger. The Team Flash once again tries to distract the villain to get into the mind of his small counterpart and convince her to get to administer the cure.

Once again the villain will be on the brink of victory and the Flash will take a fundamental decision by neutralizing the dagger. In the future, Thawne is able to free himself but the Team Flash is ready to stop him once and for all.

Also this plan does not, however, in the direction desired with the destruction of the dagger, which has created a new timeline where the “solidification” will result in the loss of more of an ally.

It was understood already from a few episodes that the climax of this fifth season would be the return of Eobard Thawne, a return that takes place with just the right dose of drama and some fight extremely comics, but still effective.

Legacy travels with a fast pace and pretty sure that finds its fulfillment in a final part that one side borrows heavily from the component to the drama of the series, and on the other it prepares a new status quo for the upcoming season, saying goodbye to some characters and changing dramatically the role of the other.

At the end of the episode the feeling, however, is not entirely satisfactory, and the impression was that of being witnesses of the path is too obvious that in fact, apart from a few shot with the effect amplified by the drama, and has offered no surprises with respect to the clues scattered throughout, especially in the second part of the season.

This is The Flash 5 has been a season just good enough. The series came from what was perhaps his best season, along with the first, and, unfortunately, failed to capitalize properly on the good work last year, preferring an approach that is certainly unusual, but that has come to sit in some of the stylistic elements that the series still struggles to eradicate completely and/or to make better use of.

The component of drama has surfaced in a way that is not all effective in more of a predicament mainly related to Nora characters that would have to be the catalyst of the events but he is still immature, and unable ever to shake off the air of caricature.

If Thawne was the deus ex-machina of the season his appearance, late, has not helped to Cicada major villain in the first part of the season and dissolved like snow in the sun in a continuous search of credibility and is the victim of a series of some bizarre, but interim choices at the level of the screenplay.

The Flash should really start to get serious, if for no other reason that already from the next season of the television will become the flagship series of the Arrowverse with the end of the Arrow.

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