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Published on Feb 13, 2019


With the episode of last week – our review HERE – The Flash had shown some small sign of recovery. The episode was not perfect but from the side he had been able to entertain the viewer with an aftertaste of very Silver Age in the dynamic buddy cop between Ralph and Barry and the other had begun to tighten, albeit without too much conviction, the circle around at Night and especially around Nora who, as we well know, has as an ally in the future the dangerous Eobard Thawne.

And it is Nora, the pivot of the episode this week titled Causes and XS. Cisco complete cure against Cicada, which, however, has only a small drawback: must “ferment” 29 days before being usable. At the suggestion of Sherloque, Barry brings the sample into the Speed Force to speed up the fermentation. In theory it would be enough an hour to complete the process but this time Nora enters a break loop...

Iris, in fact, is kidnapped by Cicada and Caitlin killed it! XS then decides to use the peculiarities of its powers by the sprinter and “rewind” the time and trying to avoid the worse, but it is in fact causing nothing more than new versions of the same incident with several victims each time.

Be Cisco the first to notice the anomalies in reliving the various versions of his date. It will then be a joint effort of Team Flash to avoid the worst of succeeding even to inflict another blow to the Cicada.

Back from the Speed Force, Barry will explain to the daughter that going back in time does not absolutely need to fix things... Meanwhile, traveling up to 2049 Nora begins to have doubts about her alliance and the plan of Thawne discovering the true reason for the girl entrusted to the villain.

Causes and XS perfectly summarises everything that is not going in this fifth season of The Flash.

The incident is approximate to emerge from the earliest minutes as a mere filler, to remind the viewer that the real pivot of the story is Nora. The result is absolutely insufficient, and the vote would be even lower if the cabin used had not already been tested, facilitating the true of the direction, which strives not even so much to make the episode really engaging.

The writers, always in search of the maledettissimo comic relief, they decide to use Cisco and his love life as a thread for the unraveling of the events that they see Nora – grown a little as a character in the last episode – go back to being petulant as at the beginning of the season.

The battle with Cicada resolves itself as another nothing, in fact, will be the third or fourth time that Team Flash injures the villain who still manages to escape – while the final minutes, which were supposed to represent the true payoff of the episode, deflate in a revelation telefonatissima and devoid of pathos.

Causes and XS is without a shadow of a doubt, the worst episode of the season. Wanting to look at the glass half full you could say that's worse than that you might not make it but best not to tempt fate and hope for a sudden and decisive change of direction for The Flash.

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