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Published on Feb 06, 2019


We had left The Flash in the last week with an episode well-paced but keen – our review HERE – that he had tried to combine drama, sci-fi and the supereroismo more campy with the goal of bringing the plots of Cicada and begin to bring in the foreground, Nora and her mystery.

In the episode this week titled Goldfaced we follow in parallel two narrative strands. From one side, Nora travels up to 2049 to seek the advice of Eobard Thawne on how to neutralize Sherloque now absorbed full-time to decipher his code and discovered, that, in all likelihood, even her secrets. On the other, the Team Flash has realized that the only real way to neutralize the Cicada is to use the cure for the meta-humans, developed by Cisco, to use it, however, you do not only have to inject, but also hold the subject. Barry and Ralph must retrieve an “immobilizer” ended up on the black market and into the hands of the trafficker known as Goldface.

Thawne tells Nora to distract Sherloque with a new love interest but the girl, as was his wont, to combine a means of disaster involving the ex-wives from different universes. Iris in the meantime, in an attempt to gain new readers for his newspaper, gets back on the tracks of Orlin Dwyer, discovering the retreat but end up in a dangerous situation.

Barry and Ralph, if only to get the immobilizer sign a pact with Goldface that will make them pass by on the other side of the law at least for a few hours.

Goldfaced you configure as a passing episode, enjoyable with some light but many shadows.

The episode starts well, with a good pace, but already shortly before his half slows down having a rest on stylistic features that are already abundantly used – the doppelganger from the other universe of the wives of Sherloque – and a frantic search for the comic relief.

Hasty is also the sub-plot with the protagonist Iris, but it is nice to see you come back to be more similar to his counterpart in the comics – and so the bulk of the episode rests on the shoulders of Barry and Ralph first infiltrated and then criminals in a beautiful and compelling dynamic buddy cop supported both by a reinterpretation convincing villain Silver Age Goldface is a couple of action scenes that, even without the presence of Flash convince the merits of a directed simple but effective.

At the end of the episode, the feeling that remains, however, is the same in the last three weeks: showrunner and writers move in small steps, almost imperceptible, to advance the main plots looking for any “excuse” to deflect.

It is true that Goldfaced manages to entertain much better to the viewer compared to the last two episodes, bringing attention to some of the dynamics between the characters and put reason aside in favor of more simple and obvious – Ralph/Barry work much better than the usual Ralph/Cisco.

It is difficult to judge the status of the form of The Flash that is not negative but it is not definitely positive. From this limbo you can get out of just starting to really give substance to the main plots and maybe liquidating Cicada, a villain who has never convinced in full from the first minute.

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