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Published on Jan 30, 2019


We had left The Flash with a decent episode last week – our review HERE – the theatre of a new battle between the Team of Flash and Cicada and that, while producing with a nothing, however, had provided Barry with a new interesting idea to defeat the villain. Awaken Gracie, the adopted daughter of Cicada and trying to mitigate his fury on meta-humans.

From these premises again this week's episode titled Memorabilia and sees Sherloque engaged in the search for a way to awaken the girl is using a machine that, once synchronized, will allow you to access your subconscious.

The solution involves obviously alarm Nora – remember hides the terrible secret of the covenant with Eobard Thawne, the reasons for which are still unknown – which then takes advantage of a moment of distraction to connect to the machine and try to awaken Gracie alone.

The plan, however, is complicated when the mind of the little girl begins to defend himself by trapping in the past. The discovery of the latter's initiative, Barry and Iris connect them to the machine finishing, however, in the subconscious of Nora and their time trapped.

While the Cisco proceeds to the drum beater in the search for a cure for the meta-gene, the rest of Team Flash is committed to freeing the West from various sizes and dreamlike. The point is to look for discrepancies in these memories, and for broken headphones the three are saved but the idea of awakening the child for the time is put aside: perhaps the connection between Orlin Dwyer and Gracie is stronger than what we imagined, and the Cicada is not what it seems.

Barry then informs Cisco that the only possibility could be to experience the care on the Cicada while Sherloque asks Barry what was the “defensive measure” with which it was wrought in the mind of Nora, Barry obviously responding perplexed that it was the custom “empty” Reverse Flash.

Memorabilia does not seem to be able to provide the right thrust to pull The Flash from the mire in which he is kicked out already in the previous episode. This week, showrunner, and writers looking for an approach centered on the drama with a plot halfway between the sci-fi pushed and the supereroico more campy but a result of the stinging, and which forces the viewer to dig in order to find the points of real interest, in view of the continuation of the main plots, in the middle of a series of sequences fairly predictable from the issues already widely discussed.

The intent is evident in the mid-episode: begin to accuse one side in Barry no doubt that Nora is not what it claims to be and secondly to provide the villain Cicada a twist that, with the few elements collected in this episode, it would be bizarre, and potentially a disaster if not handled with care.

Fortunately, the episode has good pace, strong is a film that is not lost in unnecessary frills, but who can not make miracles and should “give up” as you move the attention to the comic relief of Ralph and Cisco, whose narrative is fulfilled only at the end of the episode, and in a way that is somewhat forced.

The Flash had regained his stroke after the winter break and the crossover in a very convincing way, but in the last two weeks the series is lying, turning a little’ in the round on a villain and Nora without wanting to sink the shot and taking a bit of time, perhaps too much, to give a steering true to the plots.

It is not a positive moment for the series, but it has crossed to the worst, the hope is that all accelerate suddenly from the next episode.

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