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Published on Jan 23, 2019


The return of the Flash from the winter break had been very positive with an episode – our review HERE – dense, interesting and well balanced that had ripresto one of the insights the best of this fifth season, which is the idea that objects could take ownership destination. On this thread you were then grafted in a series of narrative strands secondary all interesting and worthy of being developed as a cure for the metagene of Caitlin and Cisco, or even that of the deciphering of the diary of Nora by Sherloque.

This week's episode, titled Seeing Red, shows the centre of attention in what is today the major villain of the season or Cicada. Left on the sidelines for a few episode, the villain returns to strike with renewed ferocity, thus calling into motion the Team Flash more willing than ever to stop the killer goal.

A first clash, however, has a dramatic outcome with XS, which ends up severely wounded, the Team also is put in check by the systematic nature of these new attacks and begins to search for a minimum common denominator between the victims: all were recently in prison.

With a list of the latest meta stopped, the Flash can play advance and secure the potential victims while Cicada, alerted by his mole at the Police Department in Central City, however, must go on the attack. The clash is, as usual, biased in his favor, but Flash still manages to be even better thanks to the providential intervention of a she entered with them XS.

Just the injury of Nora, however, gives Barry an idea that could sanction the turning point in the fight against Cicada. The killer remains, however, a father, and save the daughter could make to permanently cease its crusade anti-meta.

With Seeing Red, The Flash suffers a half halt trying to insert, in the midst of a series of sub-plots interesting, the villain Cicada, which, however, as has already been amply demonstrated effort to capture the attention of the viewer, and to pose a real threat to Flash and the members, or at least not a threat so insurmountable as showrunner and the writers want us to believe.

The episode follows the cloth already used for the previous clashes between the Sprinter Scarlet and the villain whose climax is always represented by the flight of the latter, postponing the day of reckoning indefinitely. It is, however, unlikely that, seen the end of this episode, the story arc with the Cicada are coming to the narrow end, leaving space to the sub-plots mentioned a little while ago, and, in particular especially that related to Nora and his ally in the future.

Also from this point of view, showrunner and writers are guilty of naivety. If, in fact, Sherloque begins to realize that the girl has a mysterious ally in deciphering his journal, the spectator does not live with the same pathos the discovery if you already know its identity as seen in the previous episodes.

The Flash gives a passing episode that only just touches enough to cause some naivety and the chronic lack of incisiveness of the villain.

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