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Published on Jan 16, 2019


The first series of the Arrowverse to resume his race – sorry for the bad pun – after the winter break is The Flash. We left Barry and mates with the first part of the great crossover Elseworlds – our review HERE – he and Oliver Queen were mysteriously swapped roles and lives, but then discover a much more deep and dangerous alteration of the realities that would lead them to team up with Supergirl and her cousin Superman, and even before, with the eighth episode of the fifth season.

The eighth episode of our review HERE – coincided with the 100th for the series, and had sought rightly to combine the useful with the enjoyable: from the one hand was to celebrate the series and its protagonists, and on the other to turn but the textures still a bit too nebulous of this fifth season. Focusing then on the villain Cicada, whose Team Flash had already discovered the identity, Barry and Nora had traveled back in time to retrieve some artifacts that belonged to the other speedsters fought from Barry to build a device that can neutralize the dangerous dagger in the hands of the villain.

While producing with a nothing of done, the comparison with the Cicada was the harbinger of an incredible revelation: Nora was related in some way to Eobard Thawne who had made a visit in 2049.

While recovering from the comparison between Nora and Thawne, this tenth episode, titled The Flash & The Furious, focuses again on the Cicada, on the powers of his mysterious dagger, and on one of the intuitions more happy this season which is the idea that technology can be infused dark matter, and thus become meta-technology.

Chasing a mysterious thief of luxury cars, the Flash is put offside could not stop vibrating. The thief is in possession of a meta-technology that makes it able to “take possession” of any type of vehicle.

While the Team Flash investigates the identity of the thief and his meta-technology, Nora is called to testify against Weather Witch – she also in possession of meta-technology, which will be made to fulfill your the thief in search of allies, but the girl refuses, in fact he would like to atone for his guilt, and delivery to Xs which, however, has difficulty in believing his good faith.

Meanwhile, Cisco discovers that the dagger of the Cicada is not blocked simply the powers meta-humans but absorbed, fragments, extracts from his wounds begins to think they can create a serum to cure the meta collide, however, with Caitlin or better with Killer Frost; Sherloque instead works to translate the mysterious language used by Barry after being released from the Speed Force, and to Nora for her diary.

The second attempt to break Weather Witch has the most success, and the thief, renamed Silver Ghost, join forces to infiltrate the ARGUS and steal a prototype of intelligent auto. With Flash still offside it will be the Xs face the two girls.

In spite of a funny title like The Flash & The Furious, the episode that marks the return of the series is one of the best of this seesawing the fifth season of the merit of a screenplay is strong and that, while putting on the plate, lots of ideas, narrative, manages to make them consistent with the main plot of the episode, giving them the right to breath, to be then maybe again in the course of the next few episodes.

As mentioned just above, the pivot of the episode is the shot of the happy intuition of the technology meta that is lucky for the “villain of the week”, the simple, but effective – and all in all bad-ass – Silver Ghost that is in contrast to the Weather Witch. The initial contrast between the two the villain and the conviction of Nora that a criminal will remain such, however, are the background for the heart theme of the episode which is one of the classic themes of comic book superheroes: the possibility of redemption for criminals or the possibility that people can actually change.

The writers balance and then a first introductory part, and which must in any case make a small summary of what happened so far after the break, with a second part focuses on precisely this reflection with the protagonist, Nora, in one of the few episodes in which it is credible, and less petulant than usual.

The reflection is then acts as a glue for a series of sub-plots intriguing enough: the treatment goal of Cisco, the attempt decryption of Sherloque and especially the relationship between the same and Nora Thawne.

The Flash resumes his race in a decisive and convincing with an episode as dense, interesting and well-balanced. If you were to continue on this road, both at the level of the direction of the script, the series may finally recover, of course, only a major villain worthy of the name to make it really compelling and convincing.

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