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Published on Dec 10, 2018


After the ads, the promos and the incredible hype generated by the machine promo, the crossover of this year's Arrowverse, Elseworlds, it's finally here.

We had left The Flash, last week, to deal with a complex episode – our review HERE – which, using as a pivot the villain Cicada and the attempts of the Team Flash to neutralize it linked to some risky time travel, he had in reality left to understand that the true villain of the season was our old acquaintance from the future and ominously linked to Nora.

For this ninth episode, however, we must put aside this revelation, focusing instead on the aforementioned crossover. In the Elseworlds 1 in fact, Barry and Oliver, you awaken to the one in the shoes of the other: Oliver is The Flash with the attached powers, Barry is a Green Arrow with attached training.

The most difficult part will of course be to convince the Team Flash of role reversal, why bother with this “anomaly” and headed by Iris, the team will attempt to quell and keep safe the two in a cell.

While Oliver and Barry try to rationalize what happened, Cisco senses a presence that invites him not to continue his researches on the unlikely exchange of roles.

Meanwhile, Barry has an idea: to travel on Land-38 the search for Kara, hoping to find a precious help to solve the problem. On Earth-1 instead has unleashed a robot capable of duplicating any type of power meta-human, the Cisco recovers Barry and Oliver and also the help of two unexpected allies... Supegirl and Superman! Defeat AMAZO, however, it will not be easy and will require the joint effort of the four heroes.

The mysterious individual who hides behind this incredible paradox seems to be located in Gotham City, tracked down thanks to the powers of Cisco; Iris instead manifests his doubts on the possibility that this paradox is “solidifying” transforming Barry Oliver, and vice versa.

There could be the start of more engaging Elseworlds 1 for the much-awaited crossover of the Arrowverse.

The episode is perfectly balanced, written solidly, with a direction that is precise and sober which enhances both the action scenes as much as the same script.

The first part of the episode is a nod to Quantum Leap, rather than freaky Friday by lever on the side, plus the comedy of the Arrowverse, but without overdoing it and creating basically a buddy cop Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin, show all their alchemy.

The episode then turns with the right timing, but in a decisive manner towards the heart of the plot, or the anomaly, by inserting organically both Supergirl that a “villain of the week” was extremely convincing. All of this is preparatory for the second part aired tonight in the USA that will bring Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl to Gotham by introducing Batwoman.

Showrunner and writers demonstrate their ability to touch all the souls of the Arrowverse, from the comedic to the action – not to mention neither of the plots of the various series referred to not losing touch with the autonomy of the various series, and you can also use more effectively what has always been the heel from the Achilles of these series that is the most “intimate”. In particular there are two that give the episode a certain awareness: the comparison between Barry and Oliver in Smallville on as their locations from the heroes have been very different, and the fear manifested by Iris Barry that this fault changes the perspective on life and on his mission, turning it in fact in Oliver.

Elseworlds 1 shows that the Arrowverse has still cartridges from a spare cartridges from the likes important.

It is not only an episode that throws in a spectacular way one of the tv events the most important, and most successful, of DC in recent years – the crossover – but it proves above all to be able to draw in a way that is as personal as it is effective from the huge tradition of the comics, and not only of the publishing house. It is testimony to the orgasm of easter egg and references are more or less obvious during the episode, one of all the one minute 19 with the arrival of Barry and Oliver in Smallville that will bring several feels to the audience the most faithful of the DC television.

A really convincing which raises considerably the expectations for the remaining two parts of the Elseworlds.

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