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Published on Dec 05, 2018


In the episode last week – our review HERE – showrunner and writers were focused on the villain Cicada trying to provide a background to credible villain, but the result was anything but exciting, resulting in quite obvious and free of stain. Team Flash, however, had managed to track down the identity of the villain, Orlin Dwayer, and you can begin to prepare a strategy to combat the dangerous “killer of meta-human”.

This week's episode, entitled What's Past Is Prologue, immediately puts at the centre the true danger of Cicada: the dagger, created with a fragment of the satellite and imbued with dark matter, is able to absorb the powers of meta-humans with which it comes in contact with. To stop the villain, and then you need first have to neutralize the weapon.

It is a problem is not of easy resolution, and it will be Nora, to provide a solution: travel back in time, revisiting some of the artifacts belonged to the sprinters who Barry has faced in the past in order to build a device that contrasts the effects of the dagger.

Easy to say, risky to get, and yet Barry and Nora are thrown back in the flow of time, returning before the final battle with Savitar, then against Zoom, and in this period will be discovered, ending up in the clutches of Thawne. The two finally return to the moment of the explosion of the particle accelerator of Star Labs.

Once constructed, the device the Team Flash will do its best in the first attack against Cicada and the outcome was far from obvious, and with Caitlin as an unexpected secret weapon. However, there will be some “revelations” about Nora and his mysterious diary to show what, perhaps, will be the real, surprising, and the villain of this fifth season.

What's Past Is Prologue fails, unfortunately, to reverse the inertia of the negative of this fifth season, and fails both as a winter final in the expectation of the crossover is as celebratory hundredth episode of The Flash.

The first part of the episode is cumbersome with showrunner and writers who decide to climb back on the path of the journey in time, also seeking to pay the right tribute to the past of the series, with a narrative device that would have been too discreet when in combat with a Cicada and was then fixed briefly, and with nothing.

The whooping screenplay really finds its raison d'être in the last few minutes of the episode in which the centre of attention is Nora with a jump into the future until 2049, and the revelation of what, in all probability, will be the true villain of the season.

This “revelation” obviously casts shadows not only on the management of the Cicada – he had the sense to give him all this space to a third of the season – and especially on the construction of the character of Nora, a caricature more than anything and now suddenly we find as the key to a “conspiracy” literally thrown in the middle by the showrunner and writers.

Directed by Tom Cavanagh unfortunately, it is not effective but with a script so “undecided” would have been really hard to do better.

The Flash has lost his way and good work in the past season has not been cultivated properly. We hope that the upcoming crossover, and the christmas break to bring the right advice and the series will resume, resulting in, at least, more engaging and less flat compared to what we saw in these first eight episodes.

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