The first time is making its debut today on Rai 1, the amount of advances: Cristina Parodi back to Sunday


Published on Sep 23, 2018


After the excellent debut of Mara Venier, with his new Sunday, today it's up to Cristina Parodi his start in the schedule of the Sunday afternoon. The first time is the title of the new program of Cristina Parodi, airing after Sunday, around at 17: 30 on Rai 1. The first time is a totally new, a bet for Rai 1. And since up until this time the wagers made by the network did not go so well, Cristina Parodi will have to cross our fingers! The presenter, fresh from a season not too bright, and full of criticism, he made his debut and then on Rai 1 and will be able to take advantage of the good coupling of Sunday ( if you listen to the excellent Mara Venier were also confirmed on the 23rd of September 2018 at the latest) to beat the competition of Barbara D'urso.

But what we will see in the first episode of The first time it aired this afternoon on Rai 1? Discover the latest news and advances to the program of Rai 1.


A container that is not only to entertain, but also to reflect and to tease the imagination of the viewers, because every Sunday, Cristina will tell the “first time” of the common people, to show – in a studio where anything can happen – that it is never too late to hope, to win, to love, to remember, to smile.

Touching stories, amazing feats, small challenges, guests, and great milestones, tales from the final never expected: the program is divided among the experiences put to the test, challenges that are overcome only by overcoming their fears, dreams to realize that seem impossible until a moment before. The format is structured according to a plot made up of goals, surprises, “it is never too late” or “it is never too soon.” Through videos and exciting interviews, the public will be able to retrace step by step the path of the protagonists between obstacles and achievements. The outcome of these stories is never certain. The study is the core of the story, the place where you live waiting for the “big moment” where you finally find out if the protagonist is successful or failed to reach his goal: his “first time”.

And this is the trip of “The First Time”: the one in which Cristina Parodi, every Sunday, will accompany the audience with the sensitivity and style of the conduct that distinguishes it.

Jade has 13 years old, and a passion for the dance. From 2017 began to take dance lessons seriously, and from there, his journey was unstoppable. At his side among the wild merengue and bachata her partner Francesco, with whom he conquered the podium and won medals in several competitions. Jade will have the opportunity to perform with Francis for The First Time as a professional dancer on a real stage, that of Rai1: an unexpected surprise is waiting for you, which will make it very happy.

Among the protagonists of the episode, some nice grannies over 80 in Turin, which now seem to have abandoned the idea of feeling attractive. For a day they will have to lay on the table the cards of burraco and size of crochet hook to put yourself in the expert hands of a team of makeup artists that disrupt their look with a makeover from a star.

Nunzia Liucci is Caporal Maggiore graduated from the Italian Army. It is now one of the many women enlisted in the Italian Armed Forces are engaged in operations of peace keeping and peace building in international missions. For Nunzia, then, there is a mission a very special, back in Italy, to surprise, to accompany for The First Time his son to his first day of school.


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