The first tab of the multiple of Way to the Draft


Published on Mar 28, 2020


The first tab of the multiple of Way to the Draft in which we will analyse four players that revolve around the second, third, fourth, or fifth lap, we decided to devote the right attention and present them in their strengths and in their weaknesses.

Asiasi after having attended the De La Salle High School, he had decided to leave California to attend the university of Michigan, where in 2016 , his first year of college, he played in all 13 league games for that season, registering two receptions for 18 yards and managed to score a TD.
However, the following year he decided to return to California to be closer to family, and he then transferred to UCLA. In his first year here he played only 9 matches, but recording statistics are not indifferent to receiving for 130 yards on 6 launches. In 2019, for the attack of Chip Kelly became essential and had an excellent season, made up of more than 640 yards and 4 TD.

The ability to run Asiasi are not bad at all (for a TE), has great power in the legs, which allows it to earn many yards after the impact with the defenders. However, his ability to read defensive coverages are not very high, and in lock step at times, it is in trouble.

In his first year in college, Taylor has going for 1,977 yards and scored 13 TD's in 14 games played. In 2018, he won the Doak Walker Award and the next season he led his team with 2,194 yards of the race on 307 balls carried, with an average of 7.1 yards to reach the whole is crowned by 16 TD and eight receptions. He was also the MVP in the Pinstripe Bowl, the game in which he ran for 205 yards and scored a TD.
In only two years, Taylor was third for rushing yards in the history of the NCAA, following Melvin Gordon and Troy Davis. In 2019 Taylor has once again won the Doak Walker Award after recording a season by 2,003 yards rushing and 21 TD. In addition, during the season, received 26 balls, scoring a total of 252 yards, and scoring 5 times.

Taylor is a runnging out the back very fast and agile but is also able to unleash great power in an attempt to break the blocks. His great athletic skills have allowed him to overcome two consecutive seasons for the milestone of 2,000 rushing yards. A dowry is not to be underestimated is undoubtedly his ability to wait for the development of the blocks and the opening of a gap in the line, but sometimes this tendency to wait for the right moment appears to be ineffective; in the role of the running back, in fact, there are moments of the game where the only thing to do is to lower his head and gain one of a handful of yards needed to close down.

In his year as a freshman Johnson, playing only 12 games, I made 25 tackles and an interception, and was the first of the team as far as the pass deflections. In 2018, Johnson was in his second season with the shirt of the Utes , and from that moment on, became indispensable for the defence, for a total of 4 interceptions, making 41 tackles and breaking up 4 passes. That same year it was also ranked eighth in the whole country as far as the yard return after an interception, making it into register 126 . In 2019 then began to sign 36 tackles, two interceptions and 11 passes broken. In march, you will have to undergo a shoulder surgery, from which you should return completely in a short time.

Jaylon Johnson is a player athletically dominant, has great speed and can unleash great force when necessary to stop the game. A great talent is the ability to recognize the action of the attack before you develop, therefore being able to stop many of these actions in the bud. It has a special dowry also cover man-to-man, but on the contrary, in the one area that is often fatigue, arriving late on the man and opening of the big holes in the secondary.

Kahlee Jacoby Hamler, a native of the metropolitan area of Detroit, has had a history very lucky with regard to injuries, had to skip almost completely on his last year of football in high school due to the rupture of a cruciate. In 2018, however, in his first year at Penn State was fit enough to play as a starter in all 13 games of the season, getting 42 carries for 754 yards and scoring 5 tds. In that season he was also deployed as a ritornatore in kickoff and punt, returning, respectively, 523 yards and 96 yards. Hamler was also a finalist for the Paul Hornung Award, which vaa to reward the most versatile player in the country. From the sophmore played in all 13 games, receiving 53 passes, gaining 904 yards and scoring 8 TD; also made a mention of his role ritornatore, in fact, that season he returned 24 kick off, for 513 yards and 23 punts for 126 yards.

Hamler in the style of the game reminds a lot of Hollywood Brown (Marquise Brown), receiver draftato last year by the Baltimore Ravens; they have a large similarity with regard to the Route Running and after the reception Hamler, as Brown is explosive, and this allows great gains in terms of yards. One of his greatest defect, however, is the lack of ability to read defenses, a very important characteristic to a receiver, which Hamler compensates, however, with her innate athletic ability.




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