The first pages of Venom 2099 #1


Published on Dec 03, 2019


The 2099 mania is exploding again in the Marvel Universe, giving rise as from a ritual to a series of new projects and initiatives in order to stress once again the return of an editorial line of Marvel which was very appreciated during the years 90'.

Like its previous version, the project Marvel's 2099 back to light and new versions of the most iconic mythology, Marvel, rivisitandone the origins and rewriting their history from scratch, in a theme that is closely futuristic. Before this new project, in 2099 there was already a version of Venom, the villain who has clashed repeatedly with Miguel O'hara, Spider-Man of 2099, but with this one-shot Marvel shows us a new version of the character, let's discover together what it is.

“What is Venom 2099?” is so that the Marvel is teasing the fans and to convince them to buy the new one shot. The first rumors about the plot, we came to know that this time Venom will be a drug, a substance apparently produced by the Alchemax and, presumably, will transform the people in symbiotic, or simply monsters that are similar to the Venom that we know of. To follow, a preview of the first tables.

Reading these first pages we understand, in detail, that in the future, the symbiont is used as part of a medical treatment is experimental. However, nothing of what the Alchemax is doing is actually as good as it seems, because the treatment is still to be perfected is administered free of charge only to company employees, using them as guinea pigs to study the effectiveness of the therapy.

But the use of the symbiont may bring some side effects to the subject including specific dreams, with a particularly intense related to the traumatic experiences of the patient. However, nothing prevents that in reality could be the memories of the past life of the symbiont.

Venom 2099 will debut in the States on 4 December. To follow the synopsis released by Marvel for the comic, Francis Furniture and Gerardo Borges:

“What is Venom 2099? Welcome to the future, where the cure for what ails you on the tip of your fingers with the ALCHEMAX! Our department (AID) pharmaceutical cure the consumers with (set me free) cutting-edge technology, you have just come to the knowledge of our products (in great distress) with VENOM, the cure for all evils. The experiments (do NOT LET ME be DESTROYED) will start this December!”

The first pages of Venom 2099 #1 is




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