Published on Apr 30, 2016

If you think that the First of May in Berlin is a party like any other, to spend in family or on the couch to watch the games, you are wrong. For Berlin it means much more. The wait for the fateful day begins to be felt already several days before, and the excitement in the air is palpated with the hand.

The First of May in Berlin is a festival full of cultural events, musical, artistic, culinary, sports, circus, pyrotechnic, involving all walks of life and ages. From the classic parade of floats with music in the style of Street parades, concerts, traditional and modern, with the DJ placed virtually anywhere there is an outlet. In the streets wafts the scent of vans and trucks that serve Street Food of every kind and provenance; the parks host festivals, large events for families and children, circus acts and sessions of reading; on the Spree parade, sailing regattas, and the stadium held football tournaments for women.

However, there is another side which is parallel and trolling, and called the dances during the day. Obviously the club, which are all strictly open and offer a line-up scream, with party that lasted from Friday before the first of May to the Monday following (some, like the historic Club der Visionaere, will go on until Tuesday late, with Villalobos, Zip, Maragret Dygas and others matacchioni to decks).

The heart, the true chariot driving force in the entertainment (in all senses), will, as always, the young and eclectic area of Kreuzberg. Here you will, in fact, the 14th edition of the MyFest: floats with music and street food will be in a pary travelling which will start at 11:30 from Kottbusser Tor, and, passing to HeinrichStrasse, will end late in the evening to Oranienstrasse with fireworks.

Always in Kreuzberg, specifically, at the " Görlitzer Park, the music will be the host, with DJ sets from 12 to 24. For those not wanting to necessarily be in the open air, in two steps, in the famous record store the Record Loft, Adalbertstrasse 9, there will be house/techno quality, from 15 in the morning.

This is also the week-end of culture; it takes part in fact, from Friday to Sunday, the annual Gallery Weekend Berlin: there are in fact exhibitions, mainly of contemporary art, scattered throughout the city (for detailed information on hours and exhibitions, I invite you to visit the official website:

For lovers of reading, Bebelplatz, from 9 to sunset, hundreds of people will gather to read in the company.

Moving toward the center (Mitte), you take the one that is a bit the counterpart to “sober” (but always festive) of the MyFest: more than 20 thousand people are expected between Hackescher Markt and the Brandeburger Tor, with music, food and live performances, from 11:30 to 20. Particular attention is given to children, the Kinderfest will last from 11 to 19.

With the passing of the day could pick you want to immerse yourself in one of the many clubs scattered throughout the city.

The word of order for this First of May will be Open Air. The club, which will offer music in the gardens, sunny and shady courtyards, many of which will continue the festival even at night, are many. Let's look at a couple:

From 12 to Sunday 14, Monday. In the console Ricarfo Villalobos, Zip, Margaret Dygas, Sammy Dee, Sonja Moonear.

From 15 on a Sunday at 10, Monday

Free Entry until 22

From 13 to 22.

Good, Sidney Charles, The King.You and many others.

From 12 to 10 Monday

Free Entry until 22

From 22 to Saturday, 22 to Sunday,

Boat Party from 12 to 21.

30€ only in pre-sale.

From 24 to Saturday, 22 Monday,

Lee Jones, Marc Schneider, attack isolated, Der Dritte Raum (live) + more

From Saturday 10 to Sunday 23

Techno “Staub“, line-up TBA

From 13 to midnight

Free Entry; Funktion One soundsystem

Robert Owens among others

From 10 to 22

House/Techno Dj sets, Free Entry

Berghain between Saturday and Monday morning offers a line-up of the exception, capable to please both lovers of Techno and the House. By the way will, in fact, among the many: Ben klock, Ben Sims, DVS1, Joey Anderson, Dekmantel Soundsystem, Hand The Tough, Marcellus Pittman, Motor City Drum Ensemble.

Vanja Favetta

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