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Published on Jul 06, 2018


An old pistol with five bullets in the drum is better than a ladle.

The joke is the most hilarious part of the film, for the truth loses very little time trying to elicit any kind of laughter – will arrive in the middle of the final act and it seemed to me very, very try to summarize the situation of the protagonists: you must do what you can with the means at our disposal, whatever they may be, and, above all, we must learn to adapt if you want to survive in this society; especially in the society, told by James DeMonaco in the saga of fanta-politics de The Night of the trial.

A saga changing but always on the piece, the one that overseas they call The Purge, that from the thriller home invasion, which was in its first incarnation with Ethan Hawke (2013) has been able to reinvent himself as an action suburban thanks to the muscles of Frank Grillo with Anarchy before (2014) and Election Year after (2016). Now, in 2018, the film franchise remains for the first time the death of his creator: DeMonaco, involved in tv spin-off that will arrive in September, he relies on his own script to the newcomer Gerard McMurray, who leads in this prequel to The First Night of the trial atmosphere shooting with both hands from the cinema of the blaxspoitation: if you can imagine the saga as if it was conceived by Ryan Coogler, you will have a rather precise of what you'll find in the film.

McMurray is the material at his disposal, just as if it were a b-movie, ’70s and brings us to the road, between the pimp and the gangster boss of the district and children with economic difficulties to the search of a place in a society that doesn't want them. All the while the ascent of the government of the newborn party of the New Founding Fathers is organising the first Vent, sold to the public as a ‘social experiment’ to try to solve the problems of America: for 12 hours all crime, including murder, will be totally legal, and our protagonists will have to be able to survive the night.

Unfortunately, the political and social themes so fine, elegant and veiled in the previous film, from the sub-texts which were here become a true manifesto, shouted out loud towards the audience through the screen in a rather cheeky and pedantic. To affect the quality of the film, then, we bring you well characters, some less than sketchy, the other forgotten (only to reappear thirty minutes later) and still others totally inconsistent with themselves (in the case of Marisa Tomei, even idiots).

McMurray demonstrated to be valid, with the action scenes, focusing often on Dmitri of Y Lan Noel, clearly the character that the filmmaker loves more and with whom she would spend the whole duration in minutes of the film: when we follow Dmitri, in fact, the problems of the work are set aside (although the blood splatter CGI will continue to haunt our eyes until the last scene), and it's fun to watch the transition from the dark side to the light side of the character, that gangsta neighborhood turns into a mix between the John McLane of Die Hard and the antihero african-american Super Fly.

However, it was fair to expect more. We hope that the television series will be able to revive the fortunes of the saga, that for the first time, unfortunately, has the fence.

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