The first edition of the Italian Esports Open 2017 at Lucca Comics & Games

Published on Oct 31, 2017

In the course of the Lucca Comics & Games fair that will be held from 1 to 5 November in the tuscan city, will be held the first edition of the Italian Esports Open in 2017. It is a prestigious tournament sport electronic organized by ESL that will challenge the best Italian talents inside of the former cathedral of San Romano, a location unique in its kind. The competition can boast of sponsors, including ASUS, Macy's and Fastweb. The tournaments that we will see unfold in these days involve StarCraft: Remastered, Quake Champions and Overwatch, and everything will of course be broadcasted live on the official channels of ESL Italy at the bottom of the article.

A unique location in the world, such as the deconsecrated church of San Romano, a professional player of international level, 3 videogame, 37.000 dollars of total prize money, in addition to hospitality: this is the exceptional mixture of Italian Esports Open in 2017, the prestigious International Tournament in Italy of esports, which will take place this year from 1 to 5 November in the context of the famous international Festival of Lucca Comics&Games, which has become a point of reference for gamers, cosplayers, writers, cartoonists and appassionasti from all over the world.

Organized by the ESL, the biggest enterprise of esport in the world, in collaboration with Lucca Comics&Games, the first edition of the Italian Esports Open 2017 will see the best talents of the export of the Italian and international-will compete inside of the former cathedral of San Roman, romanesque church of the XIII century, today deconsecrated, finely restored and used as an auditorium, a location unique in its kind, that offers an atmosphere of other times, and located in Tuscany, the cradle of the Italian, a context that helps to make the event even more exclusive and will give participants an unprecedented experience.

“We wanted to organize our event in esports most prestigious of the year in the context of the Lucca Comics&Games Festival to give to all the participants, gamers, or enthusiasts, an extraordinary experience in an international context already extremely prestigious,” explains Daniel Schmidhofer, CEO of ProGaming Italia. “The Auditorium San Romano, then, allows us to stand out in the panorama of world events, esports, and to attract the best talent in the industry and thanks to the precious support of major multinational companies, we can always guarantee a performance of great quality”.

In addition to the spectacle offered by the tournaments in Esports Cathedral, visitors will be entertained with many other activities proposed by the partners of the event, such as ASUS that the inside of the cathedral will set up three distinct areas of the demo, each with different platforms and technologies to an entertainment experience at 360°. Applications of Virtual Reality – with the viewer Oculus Rift on ROG GR8 II, gaming platform VR the most compact in the world – and Mixed Reality – with the futuristic display ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset paired to the amazing notebook ROG Zephyrus, the notebook gaming 15.6’ thinnest in the world. Then there will be the opportunity to try on the field the most advanced desktop and notebook ROG and the most exclusive and latest devices, gaming series ROG and ROG Strix, up to the possibility of enjoying the gaming on the mobile platform with a rich selection of smartphone the new ASUS ZenFone 4.

In the ESL Village, the area adjacent to the Cathedral of Esports other activities will entertain the public. Macy's, the only retail partner of “Italian Esports Open 2017”, will be present with a space of 240mq of strong scenographic impact, the Group reconfirmed, for the fourth year as the winning format, at Lucca Comics&Games. All in the name of entertainment for the gaming enthusiasts, experts, novices or the merely curious, will be able to compete with the game console on titles the most beloved in the different areas of experience and, thanks to the online shop of Macy's, take advantage of special promotions, exclusively for the days of the event.

Fastweb will be present with a space created ad hoc where the visitors will have the chance to play a table football in the Virtual Reality that, through the use of special viewers, will – for the first time in a review of the video-ludic in Italy – to live personally the experience of the Lag. Fastweb, on the cutting edge of technology in Italy, it always offers optical fibre connections that stand for speed, power and low latency, ideal for online gaming and to ensure to all the lovers of this game the best gaming experience possible, without the risk of interrupting the emotion of the game live.

Italian Esports Open in 2017 will host tournaments in all three disciplines StarCraft®: Remastered, Quake® Champions and Overwatch®, for which the protagonists are competing for the title of champions and a prize pool of up to 16,000 dollars, depending on the title. To emphasize the prestige of the event, for the first time in Italy, the presence of the well-known presenter international John “JoRoSaR” Sargent.

Italian Esports Open – The disciplines in the race

The tournament will take place on day 1 (group stages) and 2 November (end). For this discipline, the prize pool will be 16,000 dollars, in addition to each player's travel expenses and hospitality. The tournament of the StarCraft boasts the presence of important names in the field, the players invited from around the world and selected through a qualifications online. The three professionals were the most important in the tournament are:

The English commentary of the tournament will be entrusted to Janus “Sayle” China and Zoe “Cadence” Summers, while the Italian Alessandro “Vasa” Vasarri, iconic voice that has always represented the StarCraft in Italy, and Simone “AkiRa” Trimarchi, former pro player of StarCraft.

The tournament will take place on days 3 (group stages) and November 4 (the finals). To compete, the 8 selected players only lilvello european and Italian. This tournament features a game mode 1vs1 to win the coveted prize of 16,000 dollars, plus the cost of travel and hospitality. Among the many players there will be the three winners of the QuakeCon 2107 (mode 1vs1), in the order: Nikita “Clawz” Marchinsky (Belarus), Sander “Voo” Kaasjagere (Netherland) and Anton “Cooller” Singov (Russia).

The commentators, also in this case, not only italians, will be:

Eight gamers, professionals, Italian and european at the head of many teams composed of players and fans who have booked to play in the Cathedral at the side of the great names of the protagonists of Overwatch Champions Tournament.

The three professionals most important to compete with their respective teams will be:

For this tournament there will be speakers of the exception as Jason Kaplan and Josh “SideshowGaming” Wilkinson, in the English language; while you take turns to comment on the Italian Alessio “Lelouch” Zucchelli, Maicol “Nurarhion” Massarenti, Gabriele “Rehtael” Riboldi and Simona “Nymphalis” Tringali.

The whole event will be broadcast live in streaming in italiano on the official channels of ESL Italy: Twitch ( and Facebook ( and in English on the channel Twitch of international ESL,,

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