The first classification of free agency


Published on Apr 22, 2020


We are just days away from the Draft, and we wanted to make a summary of the movements in free agency, teams are NFL: we have been locked in a room four experts who have given birth at the top of the follow. For each position the team with the comments of Eugenio Casadei (EC), Emiliano Gudagnoli (EG), Emanuele Sortino (ES) and Mauro Rizzotto (MR).

EC: it's difficult to assess them because only the sale of Hopkins is in the hands in the hair, but have some remedy with Cobb, and Cooks. You have also lost Reader is a bad shot.
EG: I don't know what they have in head like that of Houston, to exchange Hopkins for a running back, was injured as Johnson makes no sense. The trade for Cooks them bloats with another contract heavy.
ES: Give it away Hopkins for David Johnson and a second, and give away a second for the pluriceduto Cooks, and add Cobb may not be evil in a parallel universe.
MR: There is probably a logic behind the moves of Taxans in the offseason. A pity that almost nobody can see it.

EC: With the last trade ended in the dismantling of one of the best defenses of the last few years, the arrival of Schobert, however important, is not enough.
EG: I have liked the moves the Jaguars, who rely totally Minshew, but they give him a team very incomplete.
ES: which IS? this is the flea market! we got rid of the Contract of Foles, Urray!
MR: Where there was once Sacksonville, now there is the mustache. And little else

EC: With the departure of Brady is party to a flee-flee by general NE ever seen in the last few years. Lose as many pieces and will serve, presumably, to the time to start.
EG: I Could use the same words with the Vikings, here there is the aggravating circumstance of having lost Tom Brady.
ES: Well, the franchise to Thuney and the signature of McCourthy. Miss the opportunity to get Diggs or Hopkins, or any other WR level and that was the real straw that has made it go away Brady. Still the WR are big need on this team
MR: In the air of “save who can,” the Pats are not left with the crumbs. But if there is no more Tom Brady the free agency cannot be positive.

EC: With the re-election of Whitworth, the OL seems to be in place and also a defensive move well thanks to the shot of the tail of the Ravens on Brockers. However, lose Zuerlein.
EG: Continue to lose pieces because of the salary cap full. Via Gurley, Flower and Cooks, boatmen of the race to the Super Bowl of the racing season.
ES: give money first, ask after " it's a bad habit, a dead-money, money, money so big I don't know how you could not see.
MR: Who would ever have said that at the opening of the new stadium for the Rams would not have had a window?

EC: they had No room to manoeuvre in the salary cap, Pierce ends a need. They have done their. It weighs so much, the good-bye to Diggs.
EG: they Lose a lot of pieces, Diggs among all, but also Waynes and Griffen on the defensive. It seems to me a roster in the recession, but never say never.
ES: They had to release half the defense because of the Salary cap tight. The signing of Cousins led to the trade of Diggs (which, however, has brought a large number of good pick). I wonder who they are now CB, seeing that Alexander, Rhodes, and Waynes are gone.
MR: the Most departures arrivals, which may give birth to some doubts. Even if the return for Diggs has been maximized.

EC: they never move much in free agency. They closed a couple of need with names that are not high-sounding. Nothing of that.
EG: Green Bay loses a lot of players and is likely to be discovered, but has the advantage of not having overpaid nobody.
EX: GM we need WR for Aaron Rodgers! – Take one LB mediocre, a T (Wagner) to replace Bulaga and the end.
MR: That the Packers and free agency doesn't like you know. But Rodgers has need of weapons, and have changed Allison with Funchess.

EC: The only arrival of Fowler, Jr. it is not enough to pay a salary cap space really small. Returned to the draft!
EG: Atlanta has lost very much in all sides of the field, Hooper, Freeman, Beasley, and Trufant. Arrivals from THE Gurley and Flower I don't know if they will bring improvements.
ES: The situation of the Salary Cap and that's it...but do go away Trufant without carrying any new CB and without sense. The arrival of Fowler, and Gurley is also questionable
MR: They dumped Beasley to pay so much, Fowler, Hooper for Hurst, Freeman for the knees of Gurley, Trufant for... no one. Boh.

EC: Not bad given that they strengthen the OL, but not so perfect. Replace Anderson with Perriman.
EG: they Lose Anderson, are in desperate need of receivers, and the men of the line, best wishes to the poor Darnold.
ES: Which IS? they only took the C McGovern and T Fant. Ok improve the OL, but improve it so little....
MR: There were a lot of money to spend but the Jets were burned on almost all of the objectives. Well Fant and McGovern, but the rest?

EC: Needed a CB and it arrived Bradberry, while Martinez although not heart-warming covers a need. Well.
EG: I don't understand the moves of the Giants, taken so many players, but the level is not very high, while the money spent is.
ES: they Have given 30 million to Blake Martinez. do you.
MR: a Lot of moves to make to scratch your head. Maybe then it all works but, for the moment, doubt it is lawful.

EC: they Have spent so much, but it is a free agency that left me quite indifferent.
EG: Too much money data Vatai, good sockets, Collins and Trufant, but they are players that are in the declining phase of his career, we'll see.
ES: Jamie Collins, Trufant and Jayron Kears, well. Trade for two candies one of the best CB how to Slay, much less. The signature of Vaitai 50 million in 5 years and is also extremely questionable
MR: Between Foxboro and Detroit, there is a union that shows no signs of quit. And as every year we are here to ask if it will work

EC: With the low salary cap that they had to invent it, and well. The release of Floyd to take Quinn is very interesting, the choice to focus on Foles as a direct opponent of Trubinsky the same.
EG: it was questionable as Foles, Graham. Good jack Quinn's, but not enough.
ES: Lost Ha-Ha Clinton Dix and Kwiatkoski, Floyd, Gabriel, and Amukamara cut...Well the arrival of Quinn and trade for Foles, but unless the signature of Graham. There are a few pick and a lot of question marks
MR: Nick Foles and Mitch Trubiski? 70 million to Quinn?? Jimmy Graham??? Were it not for Bill O'brien would be the last (yes, but it's there...)

EC: they Lose so many important pieces and Bridgewater is unknown. Presumably with the new HC part refounding.
EG: Newton Street in Bridgewater, for the rest not too much to report.
ES: spring Cleaning! See you next year!
MR: the Free agency of transition to a transition year, with all eyes (of course) on Bridgewater.

EC: With Shell and Finney shore up the OL, maybe even too light, while Olsen could be a nice addition to the arsenal of Wilson.
EG: Lose pieces in the line offensive without rimpazziarli to duty. Still, one looks to the fundamental choice of Clowney.
ES: I love Russell Wilson, but apparently the Dirigigenti Seattle no. The OL and’ “”enhanced”” with the arrival of two Olinemen (Shell and Ogbhueni)that they can at least do it reserves half the NFL.... But well, the signature of Olsen, and Dunbar (whose trade is more than a half a steal)
MR: But you had said that the priority was to protect Russell Wilson? Shell, Finney, and Ogbuehi? Hmmm...

EC: The account is good to have confirmed Tannehill and Henry, but the game strength has been weakened to the OL.
EG: Forgiveness and Casey Conklin and rely blindly to Tannehill and Henry.
ES: Tag King Henry was the only choice. I would have preferred that Tannehill is confirmed before giving him the contrattone. Conklin went away, along with Logan Ryan...While taking Beasley from 2016 has not had the seasons the formidable.....
MR: The pair Henry-Tannehill has remained, even if paid a lot, and that is a good thing. However, there are more Conklin, Ryan and Walker...

EC: Free agency completely anonymous.
EG: A free agnecy quiet, holding Dupree and signed Hebron.
EX: Take Hebron, and Wisniewski is good. Miss Hargrave, evil, but to be offset partially with the arrival of Wormley. What I do not know the franchise tag to Dupree
MR: Almost nothing, but the money that is available were few. Well Wisniewski, obsessed Hebron, too expensive the tag to Dupree.

EC: The space in the salary cap was already risicatissimo. Do not lose almost nothing, and keep Jones with the franchise tag. Are already very strong, what else?
EG: Forgiveness Fuller, but they keep the entire core intact, so fine.
ES: the Team that wins does not change. Do not miss no one except Fuller and Ogbah, keep Chris Jones, is already a miracle, and it's okay.
MR: The most important thing was not to lose Chris Jones, and it was done. For the rest, a free agency of rest.

EC: With the arrival of Fuller, Schweitzer, and Thomas some need has been closed, but need to return to the competitive.
EG: The only significant loss is that of Dunbar, to be replaced by Fuller. Add interesting pieces and will have the second overall pick.
ES: Anything to say to the care of Rivera. IS made of excellent moves, but with a single error for me: the trade of Dunbar was muuuuuch more than a fifth lap.
MR: The confirmation of Scherff has cost him dear, but are market prices. For the rest no move dubious and, for the Redskins, it is something.




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