The first case of Covid-19 in Europe of 24 January in Germany: a 33 year-old then healed


Published on Mar 05, 2020


These days, between the serious and the humorous, there has been much talk of the area red Italian, of how many had passed, to their misfortune, from Codogno. it seemed that the small town of lodi, was the centre of all evil. Not the case on the social was also the joke about the fact that the first chinese you were sick in China but in Italy, also because, unfortunately, from all over the world they described these caverns the italians as the transparency cursed. With the passing of the days, however, it was discovered that the coronavirus in Italy there was for a long time. I am convinced the doctors that indicate the middle of January as the date of the beginning of the infection. The 38-year-old, who was admitted today at Pavia, and travelled to the hospital of Codogno, is defined as the patient 1, but it is now clear that many people, you were sick before that, and then that the contagion has suddenly spread ( and that the numbers are increased for all buffers in Italy have been made to rebuild the lines of possible outbreaks). Today, however, it turns out, that everything could be started, at least in Europe, from Germany.

A man of 33 years old, German, could be the first european to have contracted the infection for the new coronavirus and to have it transmitted. Communicates a letter of the German physicians published in the New England Journal of Medicine on 5 march.

The man has shown respiratory symptoms and high fever on the 24th of January. These days, the Italian doctors, who have repeatedly indicated the half of the month of January as the beginning of the transmission of the virus, as well as analyzing the numbers, especially those that went on to become the red zones, strange pneumonia segnatale in hospitals and by family physicians. A peak not seen for a long time but still even in China, spoke of the coronavirus, and the connection between the two things, was not immediate.

Back to the story of this patient German, which would then be the first to have dealt with the virus in Europe, the symptoms improved, and on the 27th of January is back to work. On 20 and 21 January, she attended a meeting where he was a colleague of Shanghai, which has remained in Germany from the 19th to the 22nd of January without having any disturbance. The woman, however, has started to feel bad during the flight back to China, where she was found positive to the virus 2019-nCov on the 26th of January. The 27 has informed the German partners of the positiveness, and in Germany, we have started to test on the colleagues who had met her, including the man 33 years of age, which was found positive to the virus even if it is now asymptomatic. This was going on, I want to emphasize, still in Italy when we do not speak even remotely to outbreaks of red patches, of patients of Codogno that “infecting” the entire world. And also on this you should reflect on how Germany has handled the situation without causing panic and without that, the news were given in meal to the media. The German media have talked about the case, remember that in Germany had been put in place one of the first quarantine. However, all the tones were very different from those who, unfortunately, have been used in our country.

"It is noteworthy — write the authors of the communication — that the infection seems to have been transmitted during the incubation period, when the symptoms were mild and non-specific" and added: "In this context, the fact that the virus has been found in substantial quantities in the sputum of man, even in his period of convalescence arises the problem of the transmissibility of the virus even after the end of the symptoms, although the viral load detected with the test is yet to be confirmed through a culture of the virus". It emerges, then, in a more and more evident, as is necessary in the case of this new coronavirus, the prevention. And’ true that in Italy have been made many tampons also to those who had no fever or obvious symptoms, but the reason is precisely this, the fact that the main “transparency” have been patients who have not experienced any symptoms, and that probably also are healed by the coronavirus without even realizing it. This evidence is the dangerousness of this virus.

"The fact that viremia can be present also after the disappearance of the symptoms was already known," confirms Walter Ricciardi , the representative of the executive Committee of the World Health Organization, and adviser to the minister of Hope. "and it should lead to monitoring of patients discharged after hospitalization, which is recommended to do a swab even after the resignation"

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