The Fiction more views 2017: in the top ten only fiction Rai


Published on Jan 03, 2018


Time budgets for Rai and Mediaset after the data relating to the ratings of the fiction in 2017. Also this year the data auditel reveal that the fiction most views are the ones broadcast on the Channel Rai. In the top ten of the fiction the most views in the 2017 in fact, there is no series/fiction broadcast on Mediaset ( and in particular on Channel 5 the only channel that can compete with Rai 1, but that is not square, or even a fiction among the top ten most views).


1) The Commissioner Montalbano, (Bbc1, evenings 2, average audience 11.315.447, share 42.68%), Also in 2017, the tv series sold around the world, conquers the public. Montalbano returns, and registers the record with one of the episodes most viewed when it aired the series for the first time. An ace is unbeatable by the Rai, which will also play in 2018. Are expected, in fact, two new episodes of the series aired between February and march of 2018.

2) The bastards of Pizzofalcone (Bbc1, evening 6, to.m. 6.990.243, share 26,36%). The series set in Naples and based on the novels that have the same title, won the public obtaining, perhaps, even an unexpected result. In programming, the second season during which you will have to get answers given the open ending of the series. Excellent cast and engaging story and a wonderful setting. The charm of Naples still wins.

3) There once was a Study1 (Bbc1, evening 2, to.m. 6.909.261 , share 26,76%) in The third place of the ranking of fiction's most views in the 2017 square another Rai fiction. Fiction virtually almost zero cost which has simply told, romanzandole the stories of some of the characters actually lived and invented during the years in which the Rai staged the first variety. Excellent three interpretations of the stars: Alessandra Mastronardi, Giusy Buscemi, and Diana del Bufalo.

4) father daughter (Bbc1, evening 4, in.m. 6.763.337, share 27,08) Beautiful fiction of Rai 1 who told the story of a family and of 4 different women who have been able, in their own way, excite the public. Masterful also the interpretation of Alessio Boni, the male protagonist in the role of a father the master that he wanted to leave his family business to the son but he had to surrender to the fact that his eldest daughter was brought to the work and not only. A father who lost his son, who committed suicide after a failure in the company of family; a wife who has always sought the love of his life; a rebel daughter and the other too fragile to be a mother at only 17 years old. Wonderful Christian Capotondi and Stefania Rocca.

5) The ghosts of Portopalo (Bbc1, evening 2, to.m. 6.613.715, share 24,99%) could Not miss in the fiction of several views of the 2017 one with Beppe Fiorello as protagonist. The fiction that he simply told a true story that has conquered the audience of Rai 1 who has given the award to both the first and the second part of the evening listening to records much to finish in fifth place.

6) Missing (Bbc1, evening 6, to.m. 6.594.223, share 26%) Vanessa Incontrada and Giuseppe Zeno offer the grand finale on Rai 1 with Death that arrives in the winter of the italians and conquer the public. A detective story set in the province with a new proof of the Incontrada always compelling and loved by the public. A story is not trivial that has kept glued the viewers until the last minute.

7) Sisters (Bbc1, evening 6, to.m. 6.432.449, share 26,59%), And also for the Sisters, the other fiction set in the Italian provinces, in this case to Matera, get the record to listen to. Excellent interpretation of Anna Valle in the title role and the role of Loretta Goggi. A mysterious story, and non-trivial that has really captured the public network. The final has disappointed in the part of the fans who were not expecting a similar story and would have preferred another side but the ratings were still very high.

8) Maltese – The novel of the commissioner (Bbc1, evening 4, in.m. 6.377.620, share 26,34%) Kim Rossi Stuart is back on tv with the role of the commissioner in a series of well-made. The modernity of the protagonist despite the setting in the distant ’70s. The actor has truly amazed with an excellent interpretation and has resulted in tv a commissioner who was loved by the audience from the first to the last episode.

9) The road home (Bbc1, evening 6, to.m. 5.818.769, share 23,58%) of The fall/winter of 2017, gives Rai the ninth fiction in the top ten. Record numbers for the fiction with Alessio Boni is the protagonist. The story set in Piedmont, told us, also in this case, the story of a family. The yellow central has been resolved in the last episode and also in this case the public has tried to understand from the first episode who was the culprit, and what role had had the protagonist in the story central.

10) A step from heaven (Bbc1, evening 10, to.m.5.752.512, share 23,24%), entering the top ten and gives to the substitute of Terence Hill, and a place in this ranking. Fiction, currently in its fourth season, has won this year, the public was not precisely the protagonist, Peter, replaced this season by Daniele Liotti has been much appreciated by the audience at home.

The 101 the evenings proposed in the first vision, on Bbc1 in the course of the past year have made an average of 22,2% market share and 5.5 million viewers. This is the highest result since 2009 and far higher than that achieved by the competition. More interesting if you consider the strong fragmentation of the television offer of the last few years and the birth of many alternatives of use. Among these figure also on the platform, Rai Play, where the fiction Rai was ranked as one of the most viewed content, with over 131 million views.

To emphasize another fact: on Rai 1 fiction have also dominated in the evenings they have seen in the programming of the replicas, just think of the data auditel di Montalbano. Terrible Mediaset that, despite the successes of Rosy Abate-series, and the Island of Peter, does not manage to place even a fiction in the top ten of those views, in 2017.




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