The feast of the Liberation, the Luino, the memory of the “Heroes of the Lake”

Published on Apr 25, 2017

(Linen Bernasconi) Remember not to forget what happened during the nazi-fascist period and make sure that such abominations never happen again. It was the objective of the meeting organized by the AISU, in collaboration with ANFI in Luino, where they were honored the “Heroes of the Lake”, the two financiers Domenico Amato and Tullio Centurions. The feast of the Liberation, the Luino, the memory of the “Heroes of the Ceresio”. Interesting initiative of the AISU (Intercultural Association for Human Development) in collaboration with ANFI (National Association of Financiers of Italy) at the Biblioteca Civica di Luino for the presentation of the book “The heroes of the Lake " – the Story of two gold medals of civil merit” by Henry Fuselli, and Gerardo Severino. The cultural afternoon was introduced by the president of the AISU Sergio Moalli, who thanked everyone for their participation in the assessors Piermarcello Castelli and Alessandra Mile in representation of the Municipal Administration, the provincial councillor Giuseppe Taldone, dr. Paul Henry, the Captain of the Guard of Finance, Alberto, Power, and the lieutenant Roberto Sabadei who collaborated with the two authors in the collection of documentation. The volume, presented by the same Henry Fuselli, tells the story of two financiers in the period after the 8th of September 1943. We read in the presentation that “this research finally brings to light the dramatic events of the corporal of the Guardia di Finanza Domenico Amato and the financier Tullo Centurioni, victims of the system concentrazionale nazi. Thanks to the patient work of the authors, the two martyrs of the concentration camps recover the whole of their human dimension and the place they deserve in the History of Italy during the Second World War. So the two names almost forgotten, emerge today from the limbo, the shadowy mist in which they were wrapped for so long. It took the patience and the digging ability of the two authors, but in the end the human story, and policy of the two financiers of the Brigade of Porto Ceresio is coming to light: a pinned came from the South and a financier born in the North East united by a common tragic destiny.” In his impassioned presentation, Henry Clunies, son himself of the financier, after a short historical overview, illustrated with meaningful images and photos of the time the story began on September 8, after the signing of the Armistice. He recalled how the Guardia di Finanza has always cooperated with the partisans, and numerous episodes of the show with clarity. The municipality of Porto Ceresio entitled to the two financiers, a square, and to renew the memory of them. Scrolling through the pages of the book, we read: “The term hero, in recent times, is hopelessly devoid of meaning; often, even, in the world of football to define who, paid off handsomely, down the field despite not being in perfect physical condition. We hesitated before choosing the title, fearing that the use of a word so abused it could cause confusion or, worse still, to play that is inappropriate for the two financiers. We decided to use it because the pinned Loved and the financier Centurions possess all the features of the hero: they were young, disobeyed to the orders received in obedience rather to the sensibility, the humanity. the selflessness and generosity. Their gaze, in the few photographs that portray them, it is clear, transparent and real”. A heartfelt thank you to those who have wanted to reproduce this text, published in Rome in 2010 thanks to ANFI, to the Historical Museum of the Guardia di Finanza and to the generous contribution of the municipalities of Besano, Brusimpiano, Cuasso al Monte, Porto Ceresio in the Province of Varese. The volume is not on sale, but you can download it in PDF format from the following address

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