The Face ID does not allow approval of purchases “in the family”


Published on Dec 26, 2017


Bad news: through the Face ID of the iPhone X, it is not (currently) possible to authorise purchases on the App Store and iTunes Store for the members of a family group. We find out what it is.

In the past, in a family context, through the functions and ask to buy or share in the family, the organizer of the family (as a parent or legal guardian) received requests from members of the family group to download content from the Apple Store and had the duty to grant the authorization of these purchases by means of the insertion of the fingerprint of the organizer, or through the use of the Touch ID of the parent.

Now is the time of the iPhone X, then the Face ID: the trivial, you might think that the system of "approval" of the purchases was unchanged; as the organizers of the family would use the release with the face through the Face-ID, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, the situation is quite different.

Chiariamoci, the organizer of the system “family” can still approve the requests of the members of the group, but only through the use of the password of the Apple ID. We all know very well that in our days, these passwords can be very long or strenuous to remember, but this was the choice of Apple.

Why Apple has made this so cumbersome and complex? Because it is not possible to use the Face ID to approve purchases of the members of the family group?

The (possible) “guilt” of the Face ID: since this release system can easily be deceived through the strong resemblance that a family member may have with the organizer of the group, Apple has decided to cut directly to the chase. In order not to run the risk that, for example, a daughter strongly resembles the mother, dirotti the approval of a purchase by the Face ID, by running unauthorized purchases, the simple solution was to disable the face detection for this kind of operations.

For now, there is no official statement from Apple; if you will come some news from Cupertino, will be the first to let you know.


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