The Face ID and the unlock on the desk, some advice to use the best


Published on Nov 08, 2017


Discover below a few tips for getting the best unlocking by Face ID when the iPhone X is supported on a table or on a desk.

Although from our tests the release with Face ID is working very well even if the iPhone is on a table or on a desk, we want to give you some advice in the case in which recognition does not work best in this particular condition.

Clearly if we sit and look at the device on the desk, the angle of view will be different, and then the Face ID may not always recognize the face. We have tried different positions with the positive results even if, as soon as we move too far from your desk, or let's change some of the viewing angle, the system stops being so reliable.

In most cases, however, there will be no problems, unless you are “lying down” on your office chair and looking to unlock the iPhone X without get you closer to the sensors.

To improve, however, the recognition of the face the procedure is simple and does not change the behavior of the Face ID in the other terms and conditions of use. You will need to only initialize the system, the Face ID to set again the face and then continue with the configuration, this time positioning the iPhone X to the height of the stomach to give more prominence to the mapping of the lower part of the face.

In addition, you can adjust the sensitivity of the Face ID. In General > Accessibility > Face ID and Detection of the gaze you can turn off the “Request to Watch“. This option off allows you to unlock the iPhone X even with closed eyes, without having to look directly on the screen, and with a small portion of our face.

All of this will improve the reliability of the unlock with Face ID when the device will be on a table or on a desk. Try it to believe it.

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